Phasmophobia – How to Find Smudge Sticks, Glowsticks, and Voodoo Doll

A guide on how to find smudge sticks, glowsticks, and voodoo doll in Phasmophobia.

How to Find

Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks are a defensive item against ghosts. You can bring up to 4 of them. You need a lighter in your inventory to activate with the default button of ‘F’

Here is how they work as of the current version:

  • When a hunt begins, if you use the Smudge Sticks, it will briefly *confuse* the ghost for a few seconds, which buys you precious time to find a hiding spot or evade the ghost.
  • It does NOT end the hunt (this was the function in older versions of the game and is obsolete)
  • Using smudge sticks before a hunt begins might delay the ghost a little bit from starting a hunt, but I have yet to confirm that.

There is also sometimes an optional objective to use smudge sticks near the ghost. You must activate a set of smudge sticks IN the ghost room and walk around a bit. (I like to start in the ghost room, wave it around, and hit the adjacent rooms just in case). It’s also a great way to confirm you have located the ghost room.


The glowstick doubles as a little bit of illumination and as a UV light. You can only bring 2 of them.

Glowsticks have the infinite duration and do not ever burn out.

You can use glowsticks as a UV light to check for fingerprints. You need to get pretty close to the surface to check. While a UV flashlight is easier to use, glowsticks work in a pinch if you happen to have one on/near you.

Glowsticks are very useful in larger maps like Asylum and High School since they do not burn out. You can drop them at certain locations to mark important areas of interest. Here are some ways I’ve used them:

  • Mark the doorway with the power box. When the power goes out, this will make it easier to locate the power box in the pitch black
  • Mark the pathway leading from the ghost room to the truck. Sometimes the ghost room is very far away and you need to make several twists and turns to get there. The glow stick helps ensure you don’t get lost.
  • Mark the ghost room to easily locate it out of all the identical-looking rooms.

Voodoo Doll


These can be found on the Farmhouse stages. They usually spawn on tables or footlockers.

They… do things. Everything surrounding these is currently a rumor. The most popular rumor is that carrying it makes you a prime target for the ghost… but once again it is merely a rumor. Feel free to experiment and report back what you find on the Voodoo Dolls.

One thing I do know is that you can snap a photo of them for “Interaction” money. You may have to move them first to get the photo to count. (Also they have weird collision when they are dropped on the floor so they might bounce around a lot)

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