Phasmophobia – Guide to the Evidence (EMF Level 5, Fingerprints, and More)

Guide to the evidence (EMF level 5, fingerprints, and more) in

Guide to the Evidence

EMF Level 5
The EMF Reader has 5 levels on it. When it is brought near the spirit, it will light up and begin beeping. If you see a red light on it, or can see all 5 lights on, you can mark off EMF Level 5 in your journal.

When the ghost interacts with a door or light switch, there is a chance they will leave behind fingerprints or a handprint. They can also leave these behind on windows. You will need a UV light to spot these.

Ghost Writing
Leave the Ghost writing book in the ghost’s room and if you receive any kind of writing in it, you can mark that off as evidence.

Ghost Orbs
Ghost Orbs are seen on the video cameras that you place on the map. They will need to be in a room with the lights off and the night vision needs to be activated. They are impossible to miss, as they are a bright orb that flies across the screen.

Freezing Temperatures
Freezing Temperatures is an easy piece of evidence to get. If you can spot your breath inside the house, you can mark off this piece of evidence. Please note, I have had this one bug frequently, to the point of not seeing my breath or getting freezing temperature readings on the thermometer when the ghost type did indeed include this evidence type.

Spirit Box
F*ck this evidence. Requires you to be in the ghost room, with the lights off, and potentially alone (check that whiteboard.) Ask it questions such as where are you, how old are you, do you want us here, etc. If you get a response, mark it down. I give up after a minute or two of asking with no response. To top it off, much like freezing temperatures this one appears to work very infrequently for me, even when the ghost type includes it.

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