Phantom Abyss – Tips for Jump, Landing, Hammer

This shows tips for jump, landing, hammer in Phantom Abyss.

Tips for Jump, Landing, Hammer

A guide for my finds, as well as others so please comment anything you found that I might of not (1 person isn’t as good at finding stuff as a 100) , like a whip + blessing combination or whatever it may be.

It may be very bare bones right now, like literally 1 or 2 things, but I’m going to add more as I play and discover stuff. Honestly it’d probably be better of it nobody sees this yet, but I’m not sure if there’s anyway to just like draft a guide so here we are.

Trick: Double Jump + Crouch Jump

Using Double Jump + Crouch Jump will allow you to get some insane height. There are 3 ways you can abuse the combo.

1. Do 2 crouch jumps, by doing one regularly, then un-crouching, then doing another crouch jump mid-air, giving you two big jumps.

2. Do a normal regular jump, them a crouch jump or vice versa (other way around), giving you not as much height, but more momentum, and in certain areas this can be used in replace of a whip to get up to ledges making it very useful.

3. Do 2 regular jumps, then a crouch jump before you land (still while you’re in the air). This will make your next jump, crouching or not, be the height of a crouch jump.

Trick: Deluxe Whip + Lucky Landing

Credits to SHIRTY for finding this
SHIRTY’s original guide:

Healing Throuıgh Fall Damage Guide

Using the deluxe whip, which negates fall damage, with the lucky landing blessing which canheal you instead of taking fall damage (not sure what the actual odds are) you have a chance to actually give yourself health by taking the fall with no risk.

Trap Tips / Tricks: Hammer

Hammers can be a difficult trap to pass depending on the circumstance. Here are some ways to get past them.

1. Use the edges to your advantage. The hammers may have a small edge next to them depending on the direction they are swinging, and you can greatly use this to your advantage and to evade the hammers, like sliding past them, or giving yourself an opening to jump past them.

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