PGA TOUR 2K21 – How to Get the Tempo/Timing (Swing Mechanic)

This guide helps you on how to get tempo/timing (Swing Mechanic) in PGA TOUR 2K21.

How to Get the Tempo/Timing (Swing Mechanic)

Calibration definitely helps, but lets there is probably only a certain window within which the timing will adjust. They won’t let you adjust it to any level of speed you want. Likely to avoid somebody just calibrating as fast as humanly possible and roiding his way to perfect tempo every time. It’s supposed to be very difficult to get consistent perfects.

Also don’t forget what forgiveness mostly does. It adds that gray area around the white, that gives some level of forgiveness but it’s not gonna be as straight as getting it within the white. Swing plane does the same for swing path. Forgiveness definitely helps, just not 100%. But for now I favor it over distance or distance control.

Like some others I was lost swearing that i’m swinging exactly the same each time and getting different results. I wasn’t and neither is anybody else. You might think you’re duplicating your swing the same every time. You’re not even close to doing that.

I literally had to change how I hold the controller so that I could not have the friction on part of my hand affect my swing. Now I’m starting to get a little consistent after failing qschool 4 times. Granted I tried to jump straight to Master on controller, but that’s what I always used to do on mouse. Still learning muscle memory with the stick. I still suck but every time I swing now, I know pretty much exactly how off my timing was without even looking at the feedback.

Last thing. Downswing timing is important to your muscle memory too. If you can’t get your downswing a little consistent, it’s gonna affect your up. You can compensate a little, but get a consistent downswing too and then when it’s off you’ll learn to bail on bad downswings before it’s too late. I can tell how off my tempo was just by hearing the sound of my stick. And I’m finally starting to get it.

Swing Timing

The swing timing is very manageable when you have it set to Pro-am, but in my opinion this makes keeping the swing straight way too easy. being able to set those difficulties independently would be a nice solution, although i think the best way to approach it would be to give an overall reduction to how harshly mis-timings punish a shot.

There have been a lot of times wheres my swing went off of the keep-it-straight aiming line, but had perfect timing, and the shot was nearly ruler straight. Then there have been times where my timing is barely off from perfect, and the swing line is completely straight, and the ball veers 30 ft off course to home into a sand bunker.

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