PGA TOUR 2K21 – How to Fix Controller (Xbox and Other)

A guide on how to fix controller (Xbox and Other) of PGA TOUR 2K21.

How to Fix Controller (Xbox and Other)

Step 1: Fix it on Steam

  1. Go to the Steam Settings.
  2. Go to the Controller.
  3. Click on the General Controller Setting button.
  4. Select your gaming controller.
  5. Go back and click on OK button.
  6. Launch the game

Step 2: Download Xbox 360 Controller Emulator

Install and Use Instructions

  1. Download latest Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (same file for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows).
  2. Extract downloaded ZIP file and launch x360ce.exe.

Installing Virtual Device Drivers

  1. Issues tab will start blinking if Virtual Device Drivers are missing.
  2. Select Issues tab and click on Install button to install Virtual Device Drivers.

Adding DirectInput Device (Controller)

  1. Connect your DirectInput Device (controller) to computer.
  2. Select Controller 1 tab and click on Add… button.
  3. Select controller you want to add-map and click on OK button.
  4. Enable controller by clicking on Enable # Mapped Device inside Controller 1 tab.

Configuring and Mapping Buttons and Axes

  1. Select Controller 1 tab > General tab.
  2. Click on drop-down (drop-down menu with options will appear).
  3. Map button or axis by selecting [Record] option and pressing button or moving axis on your controller.
  4. Click Save All button (at top right corner of application) when done.
  5. Minimise “Xbox 360 Controller Emulator” in order to reduce CPU use (program icon will be visible in tray).
  6. Launch the game and see how it works.

Download Xbox 360 Controller Emulator

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