PGA TOUR 2K21 – How to Complete True Shot Mid-Round Tutorial

A guide how to complete true shot mid-round tutorial in PGA TOUR 2K21.

How to Complete True Shot Mid-Round Tutorial

You must complete the True Shot prompts as they are displayed on the screen, while holding the True Shot button.

  • HOLD the True Shot Button (L1/LB/LShift) and keep holding it to stay in True Shot Mode
  • Apply Draw/Fade to your shot by moving the LS/Mouse left and right. (while holding True Shot)
  • Adjust your Attack Angle by moving RS/Mouse Up and down. (while holding True Shot)
  • Press the Reset Shot Button (R1/RB/Tilde (`))

These input prompts intentionally appear to show you how to use the True Shot feature. Once you complete the prompt sequence it is dismissed forever. The sequence is as I laid it out above. HOLD the True Shot button… and Keep HOLDing it while completing the thumbstick movement requirements. You can release the True Shot button when you reach the Reset Shot prompt.


  • Go into Profile Menu/Settings/Display & Hud/InGame Help
  • Set that to OFF to disable them completely

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