PGA TOUR 2K21 – How to Add Backspin and Ball Spin Guide

This shows how to add backspin in PGA TOUR 2K21 and ball spin guide.


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Ball Spin Guide

Spin Control

Hold the True Shot button LB to enter True Shot Mode. While in True Shot Mode, use L to increase dynamic Loft (+ Spin = L Down) or decrease dynamic loft (- Spin = L UP).

You can also independently adjust your Attack Angle while in True Shot Mode. Use R to hit up on the ball (- Spin = R UP) or down on the ball (+ Spin = R DOWN).

Spin Game

Spin is real life. It can and should also add to the challenge in being a little unpredictable once on the green (i.e. spinning a bit to the left or right) so that its a bit harder to hit it to 3 feet every time.

As a 4 HDCP, I carry a 7i about 170. If that lands on a flat surface its a one-hop stop (about a 15 ft bounce), but if it hits onto an upslope it could bite hard and come back. That’s the kind of thing a golf game needs.

How to Add Back Spin

You can’t add backspin, but you can with the LB button on the controller and then using down to control how fast the ball will roll, in essence, their version of backspin, but not exactly real golf when pros can backspin in real life. It will help you trust me, not perfect, but practice and it should help you.

You’re not supposed to “try” to create spin with wedges to have a little backspin on a full swing. Tour players usually fight against that spin when they’re hitting into a back pin position. Even with 9 irons sometimes on soft greens. Base spin levels should be increased for all clubs (and especially high lofted ones) to fit reality better. But, overall “True Shot” is a nice addition, not questioning that.

Also, the ball lacks of reaction to side spin. It’s for example impossible to re-create the Bubba shot at the 2012 Masters, if you hit a big, high hook, the ball just bounces and rolls straight.

There are also examples of balls creating backspin against the side slope, because your lie was sloping in that direction. Needs to be fixed.

It’s also very unrealistic that if you hit a slightly lower trajectory with a driver or 3W, you lose like 20-25 yards for a one degree launch angle difference

How to Use Spin on a Gamepad

If you hold LB and press down on the left thumbstick that will increase the loft. Up will make it a punch shot. LB and right stick up increase spin. Down decreases spin. There also different type of shots which determine your changes which game doesn’t really help all that much with.

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