PGA TOUR 2K21 – Control Guide (Swing, Timing, Accuracy, and More)

This is control guide (swing, timing, accuracy, and more) for PGA TOUR 2K21.

Control Guide

The Swing

Pull back on the mouse while holding [Left Click] to perform a back-swing. When the golfer reaches the top of their back-swing, keep hold of [Left Click] and push the mouse forward to complete the downswing.

Performing a partial backswing will reduce the distance your shots travels.

Hit the ball onto the Driving Range (Swing Guide).

Swing Accuracy

To hit a straight shot you must keep your swing input within the white section of the Swing Plane circle. The grey areas on either side of the white add some push/pull forgiveness.

Shot difficulty is illustrated by the width of the Swing Plane.

Hit this shot straight enough to remain within the Swing Plane.

Swing Timing

Swing Timing affects power, difficulty, and the spin applied to the ball (draw/fade, hook/slice).

Backswing Timing is the transition point to the downswing. Too early and power is reduced, too late results in added power and increased shot difficulty.

Downswing Timing is how quickly you push [Left Click] forward. Too fast will hook it, too slow will slice it

The downswing feedback meter displays the swing timing of your last swing. Text feedback communicates how you can improve your swing timing.

Let’s hit this next shot with perfect timing.

Basic Putting

Pull back on the mouse while holding [Left Click] to begin the putt, then push forward on the mouse to putt the ball. The strength of the putt is determined by the distance of the backswing, indicated on the backswing meter.

Hit the target power to set the correct putt strength, and sink this putt.

The Breaks

The direction and speed of the dots on the Green Grid show the break {or slope) of the green. This putt is breaking to the right, so you must aim to the left to account for it.

Use [WASD] to adjust your aim before putting, and sink this shot.

Press and hold [R] to use the new Putt line feature to help read difficult shots.

Shot Types

Press the Change Shot button [Z|X] to toggle through the available shot types for your current club.

Switch to a Chip Shot and chip the ball onto the green and near the pin.

Reading The Lie

The information in the top-right of the screen shows the percentage of power and spin the shot will have based on the lie of the ball. The range represents the worst shot result to the best shot result.

Switch to a Sand Wedge [Q|E] and select a Splash Shot [Z|X] to get yourself out of this greenside bunker.

Partial Shots

Set up a Partial Shot by moving the Aim Marker closer with [WASD], As the target distance is reduced, the Swing Power % is decreased as indicated on the Backswing Meter

Set up a 75% power chip shot to chip the ball near the cup.

Spin Control

Hold the True Shot button [Left Shift] to enter True Shot Mode. While in True Shot Mode, use [Left Click] to increase dynamic loft (+ spin = [Left Click] DOWN) or decrease dynamic loft (- spin = [Left Click] UP).

You can also independently adjust your Attack Angle while in True Shot Mode Use [Right Click] to hit up on the ball (- spin = [Right Click] UP) or down on the ball (+ spin = [Right Click] DOWN).

Increase the dynamic loft of your shot and land this shot softly near the cup.

Fade & Draw

Hold the True Shot key [Left Shift] to enter True Shot Mode. Hold [Left Click] and move the mouse RIGHT to add Draw or LEFT to add Fade.

Perform a FADE shot that pulls the ball toward the golfer before curling back to land in the center of the fairway.

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  1. Is their a way to limit the shots power. Like when doing a pitch shot and I only need 35 yards but the wedge will go way farther than that. Or do have to do that by stopping your back-swing at the right spot? I’m on a PC, using mouse and keyboard.

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