Persona 4 Golden – The Reaper Becomes Reaped Achievement (How to Get Easily)

This achievement guide will help you on how to get “The Reaper Becomes Reaped” (easy method) in Persona 4 Golden.

The Reaper Becomes Reaped Achievement (Easy Method – How to Get)

The Method

This method can be used for both achieving “The Reaper Becomes the Reaped” achievement, and grinding for ultimate gear for party members

  1. Climb to 5F in Yukiko’s Castle.
  2. Use a Godo-M to exit the dungeon and save your game.
  3. Enter Yukiko’s Castle 1F and open all treasure chests.
  4. Leave and re-enter 1F opening all treasure chests on the floor.
  5. Repeat for a total of 5 trips (20 chests should be opened in total, if not, enter a few more times to make the difference).
  6. Leave the dungeon and save your game.
  7. Enter Yukiko’s Castle 5F and open both chests.
  8. If you start hearing rattling chains after opening the first chest, he may appear after opening the second.
  9. If The Reaper doesn’t appear, reload your save and try again.

It’s highly recommended you try and avoid all battles to make the process run quicker.

You’ll know The Reaper will attack when you get a dialogue box when opening the last chest:

The Reaper has a variety of Light and Dark skills as well as all elemental and physical type attacks. He can also nullify any elemental protection you have.

Anything over level 80 is recommended to fight this optional boss, or have very powerful offensive and supportive skills such as:

  • Mediarahan (Fully restores party’s HP).
  • Samarecarm (Revives 1 ally with full HP).
  • Dragon Hustle (Raises party’s Attack, Defense, and Hit/Evasion) (Requires Chariot Social Link at Max).
  • Heat Riser can be an alternate to Dragon Hustle, but only raises 1 ally.
  • Null Light (Nullifies Light attacks).
  • Null Dark (Nullifies Dark attacks).

Personas that nullify or reflect Light and Dark are highly recommended:

  • Helel.
  • Trumpeter.
  • Kaguya.
  • Arahabaki.
  • White Rider.
  • Neko Shogun.

As a result for defeating The Reaper, you’ll not only recieve “The Reaper Becomes The Reaped” Achievement, but also a piece of random equipment for your party members. It can either be a character’s ultimate weapon, Godly Robe (All characters can use this), or a rare chance to receive the Omnipotent Orb which nullifies all attacks except Almighty.

This is no easy battle… It will take some work, but I know you’ll be just fine! Good luck!

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