Persona 4 Golden – How to Beat Boss (Secret) and True Ending

A guide on how to beat secret boss (Margaret) and how to access true ending in Persona 4 Golden.

How to Beat Secret Boss (Margaret)?

Step By Step Requirements

  1. New Game Plus is required. Cannot be accessed on a first run.
  2. The Empress social link must be completed. Margaret’s request need to be completed in the run you wish to fight her in (if you have all 10 requests saved in the compendium, this should be pretty simple).
  3. Every optional boss in each dungeon must be defeated (every time you clear a dungeon a new shadow appears at the top. You need to defeat every single one).
  4. You need to be going for the True Ending by March 30.
  5. When Igor gifts the Orb of Sight item, go back into the Velvet Room. Margaret should give you a secret request.
  6. Climb the Heaven dungeon again. Once you reach the top, you can fight the hardest challenge in the game.

True Ending Guide

Persona 4 Golden is one of the most difficult games to unlock the best ending without a guide. So here are some easy things you should NOT neglect.


1) Max out Marie’s social link before the end of the game. This is required if you want the best ending. In January, talk to Margaret.

2) Max out Adachi’s social link. (This is not required for the best ending, but it does help out).

3) Dec 3 is a very important day where you will need to answer a series of questions. This is difficult and extremely specific. Not to mention, your emotions during the moment may cause you to not think clearly. Here is what you have to answer without spoilers.

  • . “Wait a second here…”
  • . We’re missing something.”
  • . “…….. true feelings.”
  • . “Something’s been bothering me.”
  • . “We’re missing something…”
  • . “Calm the hell down!”

4) Once Step 3 has been completed, you’ll be asked to name the culprit out of a list of suspects. Take your time, look over each name, and really think about it. Make an extra save just in case you mess up.

5) At the VERY end of the game. When you have to say goodbye to each social link and the game asks “Do you want to go” after talking to each one. DO NOT LEAVE. Instead, go to Junes for a little scene that will ensure the best ending if the previous steps were completed.

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