PC Building Simulator – How to Install OS (Operating System)

This guide will be about installing OS system in PC Building Simulator game. While it is hard to hear at first however it can be seen how it is easy. Just read this PC Building Simulator game guide about installing OS (operating System).

How to install OS (Operating System):

1. Make sure you have all working components in the case

2. Put in USB

3. Start the PC

4. On the monitor, you should see Omega Systems

5. That’s it, you installed operation system!

Boot Device

If you have more than one storage (HDD, SSD or M.2) built in your pc. You can choose which storage will be your boot device (where your OS will be installed in).

So when you put out the storage with OS you can put it in another pc build already with OS installed.
I tried this a few times and had complications with it. Sometimes it bugged and deleted all OS on every storage I had in in-game pc or didn’t work at all. So, when you are playing with changing Boot Device you should be ready for some bugs.

Note that when you change the Boot Device you will have to install the programs again

How to change Boot Device:

  1. When the pc is starting you should see on the bottom of in-game monitor:
    Hold [Delete] or [ F2 ] to enter bios . . .
  2. While the text in 1. is showing hold Delete or F2 button on your keyboard
  3. After a few seconds, you should see bios of in-game pc
  4. Click “Settings
  5. There should be Boot Device setting and storage which is OS installed on
  6. You can change this setting with < or > on sides of the name of storage
  7. Then click on “Apply changes and restart
  8. That’s it, you changed boot device!

If you think this is helpful please feedback us or if there is wrong and mission information, please inform us with comments. Have fun!

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