PC Building Simulator (Esports Expansion): How to Make A Lot of Money

A guide on how to make a lot of money in PC Building Simulator (Esports Expansion).

How to Make A Lot of Money

Some things to know beforehand

– This exploit only works with “Build” jobs.

– You need (at least) TWO tables.

– You need the autoconnect tool that automatically connects “external” cables (screen, PSU, mouse and keyboard… (unlocks at level 2 and costs 1000$, but I guess everyone already have it at this point) It allows you to boot the PC after the exploit, since you can’t “touch” it with the PCBay post-it label. (thanks craig for the tip)

– Warning : Avoid doing this glitch with story jobs*. Computers made for story jobs tend to come back very often (for an upgrade, broken parts, etc), which may cause bugs with PCBay (broken auction PC, ….). (thanks Cpecific for the tip)

– Here is how it works : Customer requests a new PC. You buy expensive parts, build the PC, and perform the glitch. After that, the customer will get his neat, brand-new PC delivered at his home, while the very same PC is being sold on PCBay. All the parts you bought are paid by the customer (Budget), so you will not lose any money.

Finaly, will end up getting paid with your customer’s reward (the Labour amount), and 5 days later, the PC you sold on PCBay.

– The trick is making the client pay as much as possible. Find the most expensive parts that can fit in his budget, while still meeting his expectations (colored cables, AIO cooling, can run X, etc..).

– The actual budget limit is 10% higher. Multiply by 1.1 to know what’s the real budget limit (for example, 2500$ = 2500*1.1 = 2750$, you can actually spend 2749$ without worrying about 1-star ratings).

– Overclock your components to increase value. RAM, CPU, GPU, do it. Don’t forget to benchmark, too.

– Do NOT use used parts. Their value is 1/3 their brand-new equivalent, so it’s not worth it.

*Story jobs : They’re special jobs that are different from the “generic” quests. You immediatly notice them in general, as those customers have a different way of writing than normal clients. The grandma who paid an i7 for his grandson, or the eSport kid, are “story customers” for example.

More may be added in the future, or with feedback.

The Exploit (video)

Here is a video, if you don’t understand some things or if you prefer nice videos to bland text.

Please enable subtitles!

The Exploit (text)

Read the above before doing the glitch. Reminder : You need (at least) two tables, the PCBay application and the Auto-connect tool, not to mention the glitch only works with Build tasks.

Here are the steps:

Build the PC on table 1. If you don’t want a 1-star rating, make sure you meet your customer’s requirements and don’t exceed 10% of his maximal budget.

Take a PCBay auction post-it label, and put it on the PC (on table 1). If there is a customer post-it label (the yellow one), remove it before putting the PCBay label on the PC.

If you forgot to overclock the RAM, CPU and GPU (all 3 if possible), do it. It increases the PC’s value.

Run a 3DMark benchmark. It also increases the PC value.

Put the customer post-it label on table 2. (empty)

Pick the PC up, and put it on table 2 (with the customer post-it label).

Congratulations, the two post-it labels are stacked one over the other !

Once it is done, pick up the PC and put it on the delivery zone. You can now get your reward from the customer (usually around 500$), and 5 days later, from the PCBay sale (thousands of $).

I usually get ~500$ from Labour and an additional 2000$ or 3000$ (depending of the budget) from the PCBay sale. In conclusion, you can make 5 or 7 times (sometimes even more) what you would make by playing normaly. This is really time-saving when gathering MASSIVE amounts of cash (1 million, for example), going from hundreds of hours to only 2-digits numbers of hours.

“Why should you do that ?”

This is a very frequent question when it comes to glitches, exploits and, to a certain extent, cheats.

It is very debatable, as we will probably never have a true answer. Some people think exploits make the game too easy, destroying the fun…. others find the game more enjoyable.

Here’s my opinion, if you want to hear it. Do what you want! Nobody will complain, nobody will be bothered by your exploit, since it’s a solo game. So… have fun.

In addition, this glitch can be very helpful to unlock the secret achievement (1 million $ in the bank). Instead of hundreds of hours, you will probably only spend around fifty- or sixty-hours doing jobs.

By ♦FR♦-_-♠NaNoMister♠

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