Path of Exile – How to Less Inventory

A guide on how to have less inventory or items in Path of Exile.

Less Inventory in-game

How to Prevent This Situation

Once you reach end game you can usually filter out 99 % of the trash. Anything you will continue picking up is one of two cases:

Either it’s rares/uniques/influenced/fractured stuff you identify to see if you hit the random stat lottery and can drop right back on the ground if it’s garbage, or it’s some sort of currency/shard/fragment/map/league content reward that you can set a stash tab to auto accept when you hit your stash.

I. e. you just run in, hold control and click stuff and it’ll disappear into the loot dimension appropriate to it. Takes maybe 10 seconds to empty most of the inventory that way.

It’s just a matter of getting used to it.

Tbh there’s not a lot of arpgs that aren’t heavy on the loot managment in some way or another simply because that’s what arpgs are about.

You have some character progression, but the end game is basically beating up entire population segments worth of mobs until they drop what you want to make your character into a shiny golden god of monster slaying.

Loot filter is heavily recommended, filterblade actually has several set up that are decent generalist setups. Just download like three of them (regular to strict) and switch up as you progress to filter out progressively more garbage until eventually you only have to click on something every other pack.

In a couple of leagues you’ll know enough about the game to customize your own. That’s when it gets amazing because you can filter out anything that doesn’t directly apply to the character you’re actually playing/intending to build.

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