Path of Exile – How to Get Energy to Buy Storage and Get Life-Force for Crafting Tank

A guide on how to get energy to buy storage and get life-force for crafting tank in Path of Exile.

How to Get Energy to Buy Storage?

Plant more seeds and wait for them all to grow before harvesting. If you plant 24 t1 seeds around a collector you will get more than enough for that harvest.

Also, higher level tier seeds also tend to give more lifeforce.
lvl 67 tier 1 seed give 7 or so, so 24*7=168 which is way more than 75.

You need to wait till a full grid of plants are ready at once, you will get over 75 life force from it and can buy more storage. This has nothing to do with storage limits.

You have to use the raw lifeforce like people already mentioned. After storing it you cannot use it for crafting anymore. Just fill a field and wait until they are all fully grown. Even at lower level it should net you 75+.

How to Get Life-Force for Crafting Tank?

You don’t. The stuff in storage is called “condensed lifeforce” and is only used for “feeding” higher tier seeds. The stuff you craft with is “raw lifeforce” which is what you get from killing the enemies that come out of the seeds. If you want to craft a storage tank you need to plant and harvest enough seeds at once to generate 75+ raw lifeforce, which is not difficult to do and can be achieved easily with 24 low level t1 seeds around a collector. Just wait until they are all grown before harvesting them.

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