Patapon 2 Remastered – All Achievements (Trophies)

It is a guide to all achievements with trophies contain secret one in Patapon 2 is the newly remastered and released.

All Achievements (Trophies)

To Earthend!  

Unlock all trophies.       

Sting Like a Bee

Perform the Brimstone Juju.     

Cold As Ice         

Perform the Miracle of the Blizzard.       

Battle Hardened             

Perform the Duck ‘n’ Cover Juju.             

A Staggering Force         

Perform the Earthquake Miracle.            

Wet Season      

Perform the Rain Miracle.           

Cataclysmic Downpour

Perform the Storm Miracle.       

Do You Feel a Draft?      

Perform the Tailwind Miracle.   

A Bountiful Harvest       

Complete Level 3 of Fah Zakpon’s minigame.    

Ready to Rock and Roll 

Complete Level 3 of Kon Kimpon’s minigame.   


Complete Level 3 of Pan the Pakapon’s minigame.         

Soup for Simmer Slurp  

Complete Level 3 of Rah Gashapon’s minigame.

Master of the Disco       

Complete Level 3 of Shuraba Yapon’s minigame.             

Keep Hammering           

Complete Level 3 of Ton Kampon’s minigame.  

A little bit of this, a little bit of that         

Play Tsun Tunpon and Tsuku Tsukupon’s minigame for the first time.    

The Future is Bright       

Beat the game for the first time.             

Rare Form          

Raise a rarepon to Level 10.       

Can’t Stop the Fever     

Perform 15 consecutive songs while in Fever mode.      

Divinley Dangerous       

Acquire a Divine Weapon.          

Demonically Dangerous

Acquire a Demon Weapon.        

5 and Counting

Defeat a Level 5 boss without losing any troops.              

Full Kit 

Acquire all 4 drums.      

Fear the Spear 

Unlock every memory in the Yaripon Evolution Map.     

Tatepons FTW!

Unlock every memory in the Tatepon Evolution Map.   

Danger From a Distance              

Unlock every memory in the Yumipon Evolution Map.  

In the Name of Mater   

Defeat Dodonga.            

Beware of the Beak       

Defeat Mochichichi.

Wash the Spider Down   

Defeat Centura.

Big Game Hunting            

Defeat Manboth.              

Servant of the Underworld            

Defeat Garuru.  

Feathers of Flames          

Defeat Fennichi.

Through Earth Like Water             

Defeat Zaknel.   

A Taste For Patapon        

Defeat Shookle. 

Malicious Machinery       

Defeat Kanogias.              

Break the Curse

Defeat Dettankarmen.    

Secret Trophies

Ultimate Rarepon: Babassa          

Acquire a Babassa rarepon.          

Ultimate Rarepon: Mogyugyu      

Acquire a Mogyugyu rarepon.      

Ultimate Rarepon: Wagyanba      

Acquire a Wagyanba rarepon.      

Ancient Markings             

Find a Wep and receive it’s rewards.         

A Song For Every Occasion            

Perform 5 different songs during one mission.


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