Paper Dolls 2 – How to Complete First Room

This guide will help you on how to complete the first room in Paper Dolls 2.

Paper Dolls 2’s Story

Yet again, Yang Mingyuan awakens from a nightmare with a start; gripped by an unshakable sense of terror. Upon closing his eyes, the same scene plays, as if projected upon the insides of his eyelids—a rotten old mansion, a gloomy hall of mourning, ethereal shadows, and eerie paper dolls. It plays repeatedly, relentlessly. He hears a voice calling him, a murmur urging him forth, and yet he cannot make out exactly what it says.
Yang Mingyuan watches the setting sun through the window, painting the sky red. He puts this all down to work stress and his other worries.

“Just take it one day at a time…”, he tells himself.
He picks up his jacket and car keys, and tells his daughter to pack for the journey.
That’s right, she’s going back to her mother’s place today.
About to close the door, he sees the box of medicine on the table and hesitates for a short moment.
“Those blasted dreams must be some side effect of the medicine. “I’ll toss the whole lot out, and get myself a new doctor!”, he decides, before slamming the door shut.
As the highway lights fade into streaks as they speed by, the light starts to dazzle him, and that’s when the familiar voice returns.
His daughter seems to be saying something, but even sat right beside him, he can’t hear a thing: it’s as if they were miles apart.

What… What do you want!? Out with it!”, he roars hysterically.
Dimly ahead there’s a light flashing, and a loud bang follows, and then utter silence…
“This is…” When Yang Mingyuan comes to, he finds himself at an old and abandoned mansion. It is familiar yet alien to him, like a half-forgotten dream. The faint call of his daughter pulls him out of his daze, and he manages to rise up, albeit with considerable effort. He follows her voice into the deep darkness. What secrets do the mysteries within hold? The truth shall be unraveled, one piece at a time…

How to Complete First Room?

Check out and collect Paper Scraps (5) in Coffins:

Combine Writing Paper:

Writing Paper contains:

The madam is in danger. Only you can help her right now.

This red stain must be send to embroidery room. It is very important.

I knew the trap master had set. Do remember that you can pass through the first door on the second floor corridor only when the bell rings at 2AM. Afterwards, pass through the doors one by one with the instructions.

And then go to the downstair.

Take second hand pointer from antique clock.

And use this tool on the other antique clock:

Set the clock like that and door will open.

Also, you need to be careful on second because door will close if you go to the door quickly. I think twenty second enough for you.

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