OUTRIDERS – Devastator Tank Build Guide (with High DPS)

This guide helps you on Devastator Tank Build (with high DPS) in OUTRIDERS.

Devastator Tank Build Guide


Since the demo I have been theorycrafting builds for myself – here is one for Warden. I believe it will be unkillable at level 30.


  • – very high health regen
  • – high armor constant 50-75 physical damage reduction without Golem skill.
  • – high Resistances while killing groups of mobs.
  • – 2 free class points
  • – high dps with right mods (section Mods)
  • – great mix of survi and damage
  • – can reach 150-250% extra weapon damage easily below level 20


  • – slow start till Anomaly in the Veins third skill
  • – only 1 free skill slot to mtach your style
  • – constantly in the face of enemies due to close range bonuses
  • – not the highest armor for a warden
  • – depending on your build can lack party bonuses



Milestones reached at 5,8, 11, 16 and 18 class points. Two points are free although I recommend:

For shotgun path:

For assault and close range damage:

For even more heal and survival:


1. Healing weapon – Weapon with high rate of fire – assault weapon with Health Regen.

and later on an assault weapon with


2. High damage weapon – for me these are shotguns – standard pump action or narrow automatic.

This is a must. It grants increasing flat weapon damage buff according to your health regen – for me it is 30% weapon damage increase and 70-80% total flat weapon damage increase after Tremor health regen effect. There is a sweetspot for regen and additional damage, but for now I cant figure it out. The value somehow decreases after certain threshold of healing per second, I thought it would be constantly increasing – overall it is still a solid damage boost.

Second mod is your choice – for bosses I prefer on hit effect for mobs increased armor or firepower after aimed kill.

Armor Mods

Gravity Leap variant – accessible at level 7. Good early game especially for single target damage, mostly overheals you. IMHO tremor variant is better. Great mobility skill.

This mod shreds shotgunners or minigunners.

This mod shreds shotgunners or minigunners.

Further utility for our autodamage skill.

Increase in damage means greater synergy with Life Absorption.

Tremor variant – has muuuuch more synergy with CYCLE weapon mod(next section). Damage is dealt over time such as heal. This skill setup lacks mobility skill.

More time with active buff means more damage increase from Cycle weapon mod.

More time with active buff means more damage increase from Cycle weapon mod.

Health regen increases our damage.

These are basics mods, all other mods are only boosters that further enhance your playstyle. For passives stack Health/Firepower in mix proportions (3 health pieces, 2 firepower), Close Range Damage, Cooldown Reduction and Healing Received.

Loose Thoughts and Tips. Outro.

Build will be updated with the character development. Feel free to post your tips or insights on Warden play in the comments. I will paste them in this section.

By dymek13

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