Othercide – How to Fix 2nd Day Progress (Stuck)

A guide on how to fix 2nd day progress (stuck) in Othercide.

How to Fix 2nd Day Progress (Stuck)

It looks like you have an event that prevents you from progressing:

  • Try to relaunch the tutorial section and see if you still can’t progress in 2nd day.

If still happens,

You should be able to delete the first save slot by clicking on “delete from your keyboard” or clicking on the button on the in-game menu.

Make sure to select the save you want to delete before.

It’s indeed a bug related to an event that randomly shows in the tutorials (which should not be the case). This then prevents players from entering the inner void.


Creating a new save file in the second save slot allowed me to progress. Note that I did not delete my original save, I just created a new one. Works fine now.

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