Ostriv – How to Start (Tips For New Starter

This guide will show tips for new starters (how to start Ostriv).

How to Start Ostriv (For New Starter)?

Think before you start playing Ostriv: what are the basic things people will need?

  • Shelter
  • Tools to build shelters
  • Food
  • Economy or management

Here, while playing Ostriv, you should start building Town by targeting these basics (respectively).

When following the instructions (at the beginning of the game) please do not forget to build the formations that will allow you to get food such as farm, fishing, or the people suffer from food and food diversity over time. This prevents the public from building other structures.

Also, building a trading post will enable you to engage in trade interactions with other countries more quickly. This is very important because, in any resource shortage, you have the opportunity to buy what you lack.

Tips for Beginning

It will be very useful if you build the first settlement near the water and the forest.


Build foresty to build for other construction (for collecting and producing wood).

And add workers (at least 2) to the foresty.

If you build foresty near the forest, you will get more efficiency.


You know your people are in tent so you need to build houses for all families. Build houses for all families (9) in the camp before winter comes. You need clay pit and wood.


While building houses, they need thatch so you need to build thatchery and once constructing done, add workers to it. I think you can add more workers than one worker to finish the houses quickly. And then fire them.


Your carts can be wearing out. Build carpentry to repair them. But before building it, construct the farm (people need food to work).

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