Ori and the Will of the Wisps – The Silent Teeth Walkthrough (Entering Wellspring Glades)

This walkthrough will help you on how to restart Mill (The Silent Teeth) and how to enter Wellsptrint Glades. Why is it important to enter Wellspring Glades? Because there is no other choice but to use this way to restart Mill.

The Silent Teeth

The Silent Teeth: Kwolok thinks restarting the watermill to the west will clear the murk)* swamp enough to cross.

How to Restart Mill?

Entering Wellspring Glades

First, you need to go to Wellspring Glades. To go here, go above Moki at the point I showed below.

You will see an obstacle here. Direct the fire of the creature to the obstacle using Magnet. When the obstacle is destroyed, you will reach the Wellspring Grade. This is the only way to Mill.

Besides, you will find here Bounty (Enemies have 70% more Life and deal 70% more damage, but drop double Spirit Light).

The WellSpring

Switching to The Well Spring is not easy. You have to switch with The Door instead of the Spirit Well point.

How to Use The Door?

Firstly, your first goal is to move the wheels covered with blue bushes. For this, you need to find and destroy the yellow larvae.

After that, you will see that the wheels move and the door points are open to using. However, The WellSpring consists of two islets. Even if you open the doors, you will not be able to switch between the islands. For this, you need to find and detonate all yellow larvae. This way all the wheels will work.

Finally you will see the Spirit Well point pop up where The Silent Teeth icon is located. After that point, all you have to do is find a Spirit Well point and warp it to the top point of The WellSpring.

Search Silent Teeth

The WellSpring has a round (center hole) zone (the round zone that appears on the map above). Here, you should pay particular attention to spinning the wheels continuously. If you see the

“Pull the trigger” sign, turn it right away and the field will reverse. The reason for this is to escape certain obstacles.

In the end, the region will play completely and it will direct you to a door again. Go through that door and talk to Tokk. In this way, you will have completed the side mission.

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