Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Complete %100 Map (Names, Locations)

A guide for complete %100 map (names, locations) in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Complete %100 Map (Names, Locations)

  • Windswept Wastes
  • Windtorn Ruins
  • Silent Woods
  • Baur’s Reach
  • The Well Spring
  • Well Spring Grades
  • Kwolok’s Hollow
  • Inkwater Marsh
  • Luma Pools
  • Mouldwood Depths
  • Midnight Burrows

Full Map

To find everything you want, please download the full map.

If you want to see full map as large scale, click here (by Dermajen).

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  1. I’m stuck on a hidden light orb in the wellspring that doesn’t appear on your minimap. It’s at the bottom of the lowest Wellspring interior level, at the right side of the pool in the middle behind a door for which I cannot find the lever.

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