One Step From Eden – How to Play PvP (Online with Friends)

This guide shows you how to play One Step From Eden with friends (PVP: Online).

How to Play PvP (Online)?

  • Download parsecgaming.
  • Sign up.
  • Confirm your e-mail. Parsec does not see your PC If not confirmed.
  • Go to Arcade.
  • See: “Want to host a game? Run your game then click on its icon here.”
  • And then start the host.

Host Settings

Extra seats: Choose 1 for 1vs1.

Public Game: Unselect if you do not want to see any person in your stream.

When hosting, it will be seen in Arcade. After that, Parsec will give you link to share or to join the game.

  • Share it with your friend
  • Or enter the game
  • And go to PvP
  • Press hold “Space” to input

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