ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4 – All Endings (Alabasta, Lobby, etc.)

This guide shows all endings with dialogs and stories (Alabasta, Lobby, etc.) in ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4.

Note: I will add cutscenes.

All Endings

Alabasta Ending

At the end of the fatal battle, Luffy destroys Crocodile, Baroque Works is ripped apart, and the uprising in Alabasta is ended by Vivi and the Straw Hat Pirates.

Luffy and the crew take a break and enjoy a feast.

Concerned for the Going Merry, the crew get the news that their ship is safe from none other than their former opponent, Mri 2 Bon Kurei.

Touched by the friendship shown by the crew as they wait for Vivi, Mr. 2 uses himself and his crew as a decoy to help Luffy and the crew escape the Navy.

Bon: One may stray from the path of a man or a woman but never from the path or a human. My dear friends, let us scatter and our friendship blossom under the open sky. Okama Way!

Luffy: Bon! We’ll never forget you!

Vivi decides if she will choose to continue journeying with the crew or stay on as the princess of Alabasta.

Vivi turns to the people and begins to make a speech:

  • I’ve had a little adventure, which began as a journey across a dark sea in search of despair…
  • ..and in the darkness of a storm, I met a ship.
  • ..History will recall it as nothing more than a vision, but to me it is real.

Speech to the crew:

  • I know I’m staying behind but..should we ever meet again, would you still call me “friend”?

Luffy wants to reply but he is banned by Nami:

  • Do not reply, moron! Navy now knows about Vivi and us. If they can prove the connection, Vivi will be labeled a criminal!
  • We need to go quietly.

Enies Lobby Ending

Franky joins the crew, narrowly escaping pursuit. The Straw Hat Pirates board their new ship.

But Usopp is missing.

The ship soon leaves and the town of Water Seven begins to recede into the distance. But before long, a man appears, chasing the ship.

Usopp is crying:

  • Soorry! I was too proud! I was wrong! It’s not too late! I said I wanted to leave the crew! I want to take it back! Please let me go with you!

Luffy stretches out his arm from the Sunny to grab Usopp.

A ship as bright as the sun that can cheerfully sail through 1000 seas”, the crew like the name suggested by Iceberg for the ship, and with smiles on their faces.

The Crew escape Grap and his men with the sudden speed from Coup de Burst.

Summit War Ending

  • No one can stop me… I’ll destroy everything! Engulf it all!
  • I cannot tolerate the evil of pirates.
  • Too many lives have already been lost! Stop!
  • …You wasted precious seconds in battle. The Marines have no need of one who isn’t righteous.

Young Marine has no mercy and kills him.

Then comes Emperor Red-Haired Shanks to the area.

A monumental battle, known as the Paramount War at Marineford, was brought to an end by the intervention of the Red-Haired Pirates, led by Shanks.

Thanks to Hancock Law’s crew were allowed on Amazon Lily in order to heal Luffy, but he’s full of guilt and despair at his failure to save Ace.

Luffy blames him and Jimbei admonishes Luffy:

  • Look around you! Treasure what you have!

Reminded of his friends, Luffy decides to set off to meet them in the Sabaody Archipelago.

Luffy soon accepts Rayleigh‘s suggestion and decides to work together with Jimbei and not head to the Sabaody Archipelago.

Entry to the New World Ending

Rebecca: Do not lie to me! I’m not the child of some prince! I am Kyros’ daughter!

Soldier: Can I…be your father?

Rebecca: Yesss…

Whole Cake Island Ending

Having defeated Katakuri, and escaped from Mirro-World, Luffy finds Sanji who picks him up, as the pair rush back to the others.

Luffy and Sanji safely make it to the Sunny and are overcome with joy.

Meanwhile, Pudding was sitting alone in a back alley.

Sanji: Pudding… When Luffy makes it out of Mirro-World, it’ll be time to say goodbye. I’m glad that I got to have you as my fiancee.

The Sunny, now carrying Sanji, set sail and made a quick escape from Totto Land.

Land of Wano Arc (Real Ending)

Kaido is beaten by Luffo and Momo is kept.

Note: Guide in progress…

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