OMORI – Zoom Options and Auto Saves Guide

How to be supposed to save in the game? What makes good resolution? This guide helps you on zoom options and auto saves in Omori.

Zoom Options Guide

This version of RPGMaker doesn’t seem to have more options and the resolution is also pretty low don’t think there is much that can be done without porting the game to a newer engine.

You can use windows scaling to scale it (Display settings -> scale and layout) but this will affect everything in windows. Lossless Scaling or similar apps work pretty well and only affect the game.
I personally run the game in 640×480 (right click exe and checkbox) and then use NVIDIA GPU scaling which gives a nice smooth full screen correctly scaled 4:3 picture.

Auto Saves Guide

You save through picnic baskets. You encounter the first one on the playground.

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