OMORI – How to Beat Perfectheart (Toughest Boss) and Get the Best Equipment

A guide on how to beat Perfectheart  (toughest boss) and get the best equipment in OMORI.

How to Beat Perfectheart (Toughest Boss) and Get the Best Equipment

Spoiler warning for basically the entire game here. If you need this guide, you’ve probably seen it all, and need help with the final boss. Here contains a strategy along with accessories and a straight-forward list of things to do in order to prep. The toughest boss in the game will require a lot of preparation, but should you do these things, you can make the fight fairly easy and straightforward.

Things to Note

To have an easy time not just beating Perfectheart, but even getting the best equipment to do so, you need to do two things.

  • First, be level 50. This should be obvious why, but you’ll have to fight some pretty tough bosses to get your best gear.
  • Second, collect every Hangman’s Key you can. You can get all up until Day 4, which is when the Dreamworld seemingly “resets” itself and allows for the Perfectheart fight to happen, opens up Snowglobe Mountain, etc.

Step 1 – Get Basil’s Gear

First, talk to Basil. You’ll get an achievement as well as the Flower Crown. The Flower Crown is an excellent accessory, and is the one I ended up using for Hero for the rest of my playthrough, including the Perfectheart battle.

Secondly, head to Basil’s house, and get all the blue watermelons to get various hairpin accessories. All of these are good, and use whichever you feel suits each member of your party the most. However, I will say, always give Omori the best stats you can, as if he goes down, that’s an instant game-over. Don’t rely on his comeback mechanic too heavily.

Some of these will be good for Perfectheart, but otherwise they’re just good for the checklist you’ll want to go through to thoroughly prepare for the boss.

Step 2 – Head to Snowglobe Mountain

First things first, to fight this boss you have to be on Day 4 of the Hikikomori route, and you need to go to Snowglobe Mountain, and obtain the Tenderizer, unlocking the move Tenderize for Hero. This is pretty much the only offensive move Hero can learn, but it’s an extremely good one for this battle as it’ll lower the enemy’s defense, a key factor in defeating Perfectheart. You’ll also need two Hangman’s Keys from here.

To get to Snowglobe Mountain, head to Capt. Spaceboy’s room, talk to Pinkbeard, pick up the batteries, go to the Snowy Area of Otherworld, go in the igloo, and put the batteries in the fish, then go through the trap door that opens up. Grab the G key while you’re here.

Once you exit the igloo, you’re in an empty snowy place. A little towards the upper right of the igloo, you’ll find the Y key. Stick to the trees, and run around that general area, and you’ll be fine. You can go way more upper right, but there’s far less trees to keep yourself oriented, and it isn’t alllllll the way out there anyways. Just hit a border of the map once you find the Y key, and you’re at the mountain!

Do a lap around the mountain after every ladder to get Foe Fact entries while you’re here, on top of finding the items. However, the only thing I highly recommend for this battle is Tenderize, but obviously, if this is your first time through the route, just explore the mountain and get to the top!

Step 3 – Obtain Omori’s Exclusive Moves

Remember that long bridge you crossed in Deep Well that led to the really cool area and eventually Humphrey? There’s a bunch of teleporters and caves, and make sure to exhaust all the options aside from the actual path to Humphrey, as these contain Sheet Music you have to pick up to access a secret area in the game that’ll be extremely helpful in the fight against Perfectheart.

Once collecting all the Sheet Music, which really isn’t that difficult, head to the Sproutmole village and go through the hole in Sweetheart’s stage, back into the lost library.

If you haven’t done so, read every book. You’re required to do so to unlock a door at the very bottom left of the area, leading to 3 boss battles. These aren’t tough at all. Beat them, gain the Repressed achievement alongside getting moves that debuff the enemy for Omori. The most useful one for the Perfectheart fight is definitely Cripple, due to the speed debuff it induces in enemies, but Vertigo will be important very shortly.

Step 4 – The Abyss and Abbi

Head to the Deep Well, and head all the way to the left. You’ll meet a very blatantly shady hitchhiker who can take you to The Abyss. Once you’ve done everything you want to do, have Basil’s accessories, done Snowglobe mountain, all that stuff, head there.

This is where the Z key is. Assuming the Z key is the last key required, the actual entrance to The Abyss will open up in front of you, saving you some time and effort going all the way to Snowglobe Mountain and then coming all the way back.

Now all you have to do is head down via ladders as much as possible. You’ll eventually find a strange individual by the name of Abbi, a boss you’ll have to defeat to get the best gear in the game.

Abbi will anger herself and her tentacles, so just inflict your party with Happy via confetti or Team Spirit with Aubrey. You can also flex your new moves with Omori here, as they’re a great place to do it. Vertigo and Cripple are probably your best bets for this fight, but once you hit them with those moves at least once or twice, go ahead and just use Red Hands over and over on Abbi herself, as she’s the only one you have to defeat to finish the boss.

Now, most importantly of all: Spare Her. This gives you the opportunity to find the best gear in the game, and each character’s best weapons by far, with Hero’s weapon being a necessity for the fight.

Step 5 – Get Abbi’s Accessories, and Which Ones to Use?

Abbi is being kind enough to give you the best accessories in exchange for sparing her life. Quite the deal, huh?

The location of the tentacles

  • Right next to the S Clam in the Deep Well. Hit this one on your way out to Pluto’s Station.
  • One in the Neighbor’s room/The cute room your friends chill in directly outside of White Space.
  • One in the Vast Forest, to the right are of the extremely long bridge.
  • One in lower-right of Cattail field.
  • One to the left of Weeping Willow’s location in Pyrefly Forest.
  • Sweetheart’s Dungeon, specifically the cell with the hole in the back of it at the top. Enter that room and go to the left for your tentacle. This one is an important one.
  • One to the left of Dino Dig in Orange Oasis. Extremely close to P’s Station.
  • Near the lower end of Snowglobe Mountain by an ice pond.

You can mix and match accessories, but their best weapons are 100% their best weapons. Use them.

Step 6 – Permanent Stat Boosts!

Honestly? These aren’t that important, with the exception of one.

Berly has a sidequest where you gotta find her lost ball. Find it for her. After that, she’ll teach Aubrey headbutt, as well as raise her max base juice by 50. Incredible, especially for early game, but doesn’t matter too much for the Perfectheart fight.

Kel’s is the second one you can get, and it’s the most important one for Perfectheart. In Jawsum’s office, head through the Pluto-shaped hole in the wall, and talk to Pluto. He’ll beat the crap out of Kel, and give him 50 additional max hearts. This is a Big Deal, because otherwise Kel has some notably lacking HP compared to his friends, and he’s probably your second most important party member in this battle other than Omori.

On the first floor of Last Resort, you can find one of those fancy password rooms. Head in there and punch that skeleton in the face for some extra attack on Hero. Not the biggest deal, but it can help you speed through Perfectheart’s first phase even faster.

Finally, Omori can talk to the coral tree in the Deeper Well on your way to Humphrey. If you eat the fruit that looks somewhat familiar, you can get a permanent small stat boost to Omori. I honestly can’t even remember if I got this or not but you can definitely live without it, but if you can get it, it’s probably worth it given Omori is your team’s DPS as well as the most important member for survival.

Step 7 – Grind Up Some Cash for Plenty of Healing Items and Toys (Super Useful!)

Head on down to the Deep Well, and find the Seacow Farm. Talk to Mr. Farmer if you haven’t done so before, and then kill some Squizzards! They’ll get you some pretty decent money, but head inside and talk to the cow farmer for even more money! You also got a full health and juice restore in there, akin to Mari’s snacks at a picnic.

Gather about 25k-50k and head on down to Humphrey. If you haven’t woken him up yet somehow, go check on Mr. Jawsum to get the Big Check item or whatever, then head back to Humphrey and give it to him.

Once inside, get on the boat and go left, back into the bomb room. Then, head through the tube to your left, the one that was under construction last time. This leads the boss rush room. Feel free to do it, but just know you’ll need to spend some clams for the items you’ll need to take it on.

The mailbox merchant in this area sells many things but we’re mostly interested in Whole Chicken, Melon Smoothie, at least 3 of each emotion altering item with the exception of Dandelions, and maybe some Big Rubber Bands while you’re there.

The Whole Chicken and Melon Smoothie will have their heals buffed to be much higher than they claim thanks to Hero’s unique weapon you got from Abbi, healing your health and juice by a lot upon use. Whole Chicken basically becomes Whole Pizza, while Whole Pizza becomes practically a full heal in this fight for the whole party. Melon Smoothie will be healing your party for about 120 juice as well.

You won’t be using single-target heals during this battle, so don’t bother with Cheeseburgers, Orange Juice, etc. You want full-party heals for this fight, even if you’re using heals with only one person injured or juice restores if only Omori needs it, because trust me, he’ll need it.

The emotion altering items will be important for Phase 1, as you want to do as much damage as possible to get out of it as fast as possible. You’ll be air-horning turn 1 with Kel.

However, there is one more item that will be game-changing for you. That is… The Jacks! Head back down to The Playground and pick some up for dirt cheap. Trust me, you’ll want to buy some of these. 3-5 should be more than enough, but doesn’t hurt to go nuts with it. The reason these items are so good is because of the speed debuff, not their damage. At the start of the second phase, you can have Kel use some jacks to slow Perfectheart down enough so Omori can move and use cripple, which will then allow Aubrey and Hero to be faster than her and use two team heals. The Jacks statistically don’t do a lot, but they do enough to instantly shift the tide of the battle back into your favor from the get-go.

If you really wanna overkill it, you can head to the snowy area of Otherworld and buy some Snowcones for good chunk of clams, but by simply going up Snowglobe Mountain and getting the green melons, you can get plenty of tickets for free cones. These’ll help you a lot during the fight as well, especially Omori.

Step 8 – Tie Up Loose Ends

Perfectheart is what you should be saving for last, really. Wanna commission statues from that Gator Guy in Last Resort 4F? Wanna go fight Pluto and the Earth? Did you actually get to the top of Snowglobe Mountain? Did you deal with the lesser Roboheart and Mutantheart?

Do everything you need to do before Perfectheart. The game doesn’t end after you beat her, but she’s the ultimate challenge the game has to offer, so it’s really only fitting.

Preparing Your Moveset and Equips

So, you should be ready for the fight now! Head on down to the bottom floor of Humphrey, back where you fought the squid girls, and you’ll find Perfectheart.

Now, what did I use to beat her, and why?

The two moves that actually matter are Cripple and Red Hands.

Use Cripple Turn 1 to save yourself a lot of pain. With my setup, after using that, Perfectheart was the last person to move. The only time you’ll ever want to use Cripple again is at the start of Phase 2, as Kel will need help nerfing Perfectheart’s speed down so she moves last. At the start of Phase 2, you can have Kel use some jacks, Omori use Cripple, and then Aubrey and Hero should be able to heal the party up to full using teamheals.

The Red Knife is superior to your default knife, and really you don’t have a choice on whether or not you can use it. Cough Mask is a boost to basically every stat, and seems to be one of the biggest All Stat boost items in the game. As such, it belongs on Omori.

The two moves that actually matter are beatdown and power hit.
Power Hit is your go-to move with Aubrey, as it’ll lower Perfectheart’s defense in Phase 1 so you can push through it as fast as possible.

Combined with Hero’s tenderize, and it’ll make Omori put out devastating numbers. Once she can’t go lower, you can use beatdown to be a secondary DPS. However, you should always prioritize healing over doing damage with Aubrey during this battle, as Omori is more than capable as the sole DPS. As such, Aubrey is a sub-dps, but primarily support character for this fight, using items and Power Hit to help the team.

Baseball bat needs no introduction as Aubrey’s best weapon. Pretty bow on the other hand is useful for the additional Hearts and Defense, the attack being a bonus in it all.

The only move that matters is tickle.
Golden Retriever in human form, Kel makes his standout appearance as the secondary MVP on this team. Tickle is a strong move that’ll make Omori put out even bigger numbers, as well as anyone else attacking, but it isn’t as important enough to use right out of the gate. With his current speed stat in the image, he’s able to outspeed Perfectheart Phase 2 with the strategy used easily, alongside his use of jacks to slow down Perfectheart Phase 2 so Omori can Cripple her. You could also honestly run Ricochet too, but I would advise keeping Kel as a support-oriented character for this fight due to his massive speed. I always felt Kel was a highly underrated party member even before his buffs, and in this fight he’s an absolutely integral piece of the cog that’s the difference between victory and defeat. Again, Tickle should only be used when Perfectheart moves last and everyone is healed or can be healed to full by Aubrey and Hero.

Basketball is self-explanatory. However, with Rose Hairclip, it’s another All Stats Up accessory, and works very well on Kel.

Hero actually has a ton of great moves for this fight, but always bring tenderize. Good moves would be Fast Food, Snack Time, Gator Aid and Smile, but aren’t important, as I took these screenshots after victory.

Hero is already your team’s angel by being able to heal, but with his signature weapon boosting the power of snacks, this fight gets significantly easier due to how much you can restore in a single turn. It isn’t boosted for him using snacks, it’s boosted for everyone using snacks.

Regardless, Hero’s main use is going to be as the last move of your turn, so he can either heal hearts or replenish juice. Other than that, he can aid Aubrey in debuffing Perfectheart’s defense using Tenderize, while doing pretty decent damage himself.

I used Flower Crown on Hero for the +100 bonus hearts and +25 juice. Snack time isn’t the most important move to use, but if you were extra paranoid like me, I used snack time a few times to try and preserve items. However, the HP buff is really the main reason why, as Hero isn’t ever meant to be a damage dealer, but just a support character. You’ll likely be using all member heals as him.

The Strategy

An overarching theme of this fight is keeping Omori alive and fueled to spam red hands. Honestly, most things in this game once he unlocks that move is all about that.

Phase 1? Use the Air Horn Toy with Kel, cripple with Omori, and then power hit and tenderize. Phase 1 is a DPS race. Do what you need to do to keep your party healed, but debuffing her defense and using Red Hands is the priority. This shouldn’t be too tough.

She may use a move that makes everyone one emotion, while making herself the emotion that’s strong against it. You can counter this with Kel using a full-party emotion item, putting yourself back in an advantageous position in a single item use.

I chewed through her extremely fast with this set-up. Once she says it’s time to start trying, you’ve now entered Phase 2. Every turn, she’ll hit you with an extremely high damage move that also randomizes emotions. In Phase 2, the only one who can rival her speed is Kel, which is again, why we bought jacks. Hit her with some jacks when your team can survive an attack, then have Omori use Cripple for a much more significant speed debuff on Perfectheart. Once she’s last again, which really should only take one jack and one Cripple, just keep everyone alive and Omori juiced up.

Don’t bother with emotions, as they change at the end of every turn. Everyone also should be fine, with the exception of Kel unless you got that +50 hearts from Pluto in Last Resort. He survived an attack on Phase 2 with 9 hearts while furious, if memory serves me correctly. Good work, Kel! If everyone can be healed to max that turn, don’t be afraid to use Power Hit with Aubrey or Tenderize with Hero, or even a Big Rubber Band with Kel. Once she’s moving last, she isn’t really a problem anymore, and lowering her attack isn’t important if she’s only hitting everyone once per turn and everyone can just survive and heal thanks to the items we got from a quick clam grind.

At this point in the game, I had 8 sno-cones, which are just full restores on top of stat buffs for that fight. Have Kel give Omori one, the earlier the better when he needs it, and even consider treating Kel to one himself due to his already high speeds being able to outspeed Perfectheart even more as well as raise his defense, which is important as the squishiest member of the team. Truthfully, you could go full overkill and have him give one to everyone.

I’d imagine attack lowering would also help out a bit for Phase 2 in having more flexibility per turn, but I never struggled once during Phase 2, really. Just rinse and repeat, and don’t be afraid to heal way more than you actually may need to survive the next AOE attack.

by Kozmar

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