OMORI – Guide to Fighting Mr. Jawsuit and Gator Guys (Tips)

A guide on how to fight Mr. Jawsuit and Gator Guys (boss) in Omori.

Guide to Fighting Mr. Jawsuit and Gator Guys


  • Try saving up 10 energy and using the Release Energy option with Omori.
  • Mr. Jawsuit takes damage if both of his gator guys are down at the same time, so try weakening both targets simultaneously and timing your attacks accordingly.
  • You need to K.O. both gator guys before the turn ends to damage Mr. Jawsuit. Use Kel’s skills Rebound, Curveball, or Ricochet. Rebound damages all foes, Curveball does more damage to enemies that have an emotion and inflicts a new one whether they had one to begin with or not, and Ricochet damages a foe 3 times. You would also want Kel to be happy or angry for more damage. For the fight try only used Curveball and Ricochet.

Character Tips

  • For Audrey used Headbutt and Power Hit. You’ll also want either use Pep Talk or Team Spirit. Headbutt does a lot of damage especially if she is angry or her emotion beats out the enemy. Power Hit ignores all defense and lowers it too.
  • For Omori mostly used Stab and Lucky Slice. Stab always crits with the added bonus of if he is sad, it ignores all defense. Lucky Slice goes first and does more damage when he is happy.
  • For Hero you can really use anything that he has. Be wary of any of the skills that involve making all the enemies attack him. It can be Smile, Fast Food, and Homemade Jam. Smile lowers attack, Fast Food moves first and heals 40%, and Homemade Jam revives a friend.

by Amber

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