OMORI – Ghost Party Quest Guide (Solution and Unlocking)

A guide on how to unlock and solve Ghost Party quest in Omori.

Ghost Party Quest

How to Unlock Ghost Party Quest

After you reach the Last Resort, there should be a ‘haunted pool’ on the right of the ship. You enter it to talk to the Top Hat ghost to activate the quest.

How to Solve Ghost Party Quest

You need to collect this:

  • The crown (in Sweetheart’s castle in the art gallery).
  • The pinwheel (is up the ladder where kite kid is; to the right in the vast forest).
  • The beard (impossible to be missed).
  • The sunhat (outworld in the snowy area).
  • The glasses with mustache (in the lemonade line at the train station).
  • The last one (is on a sofa in the junkyard – the one where you use HERO to change the direction of the moving platforms).

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