OMORI – All Endings Guide (Bad-Good-Other-Final Boss)

This is all endings guide (bad-good-other-final boss) for Omori.

All Endings Guide

A way to see on how to reach the various endings. This guide contains major spoilers.


A guide on how to reach the various endings in the game. Now the path to these endings mostly the same. There are other cut scenes that can be achieved except I don’t know what activates them quite yet.

Boss Fight

You will be in the recital room during the finale of the game. Play the violin. Enjoy the cut scene. You get to the white space to will confront Omori. A fairly interesting boss fight will ensue. Fight him until he makes you afraid. At this point you can let him kill you or keep trying to beat him until he kills you.

Good Ending

You have to choose the “Yes”. Enjoy the cut scene. You will wake up in a room. Leave the room and head down the hallway. You will see your friends and Basil. Both groups will head in opposite directions. Follow Basil to another room and head inside for the ending.

Please note that following the children leads to a dead end. It won’t hurt you to check it out though.

Secret Ending

So, it appears that you have to water Basil’s plants consistently during the game to unlock this ending. I know I did and unlocked it. Other people have reported that doing so unlocked it for them as well. It plays after the credits on the good ending.

Bad Ending

You have to choose “No”. Enjoy the cut scene. You will wake up on the roof. Jump off to unlock the ending.

Other Ending

You a few options on what you can do here. None of these options will lead to an achievement though. It is more for your curiosity than anything. NOW…

You should be at Basil’s house having a sleep over with your friend’s in hopes to say good bye to him before you move away. You will wake up after going to bed the initial time. Go back to sleep instead of confronting Basil.

When you wake up. You will be the only one in the room. You can skip the next part and go straight home. Look further down if you do OR you go to look for everyone. You will find them all in the hallway near Basil’s room. Basil’s in his room. You can do nothing else except head home.

Once you have gotten home. You now have two options of either grabbing the knife in the kitchen or heading straight to your room.

Go to bed to enter the white space. The room is now fairly plain now leaving you only one option of stabbing yourself to “wake” yourself up. You have only two variations of an ending you can reach in the morning. It ends with either both Basil and yourself dead; or only Basil dead and your character moving away.

To unlock the other ending achievement. You do not kill yourself and move away.

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