Omega Labyrinth Life – Blank Book List – Guide

The newly released Omega Labyrinth Life is eye-catching. This guide will show on the blank book list. Before the topic, I want to introduce the game:

About Omega Labyrinth Life

Roguelike x Relaxation! Take it easy in the latest addition to the series where you buff your bust with every foe you defeat, Omega Labyrinth! Enjoy your daily life in an academy of fair maidens!

Blank Book List

Offensive Spells:

No.1 “Fire” ————-Fire Tome
No.2 “Flamelord” —–Flamelord’s Tome
No.3 “Ice” —————Ice Tome
No.4 “Icelord” ———-Icelord’s Tome
No.5 “Lightning” ——-Lightning Tome
No.6 “Storm” ———–Thunderlord’s Tome
No.15 “Charm” ———Pheromones Tome
No.17 “Sleep” ———-Somnambulance Tome
No.18 “Confuse” ——-Confuse Tome
No.25 “Omega” ——–Omega Slash Tome
No.29 “Windlord” ——Windlord’s Tome
No.30 “Weaken” ——-Tome of Regression
No.31 “Grimoire” ——Grimoire

Dungeon Spells:

No.7 “Guiding” ———Guiding Tome
No.8 “Escape” ———-Escape Tome
No.9 “Finder” ———–Trap Finder
No.10 “Remover” ——Trap Remover
No.14 “Magnet” ——–Magnet Tome
No.21 “Summoning” –Summoning Tome
No.22 “Roomy” ——–Roomy Tome
No.35 “Bust”, or “Z” —Z Bust Tome

Item Spells:

No.11 “W.Forging” —-W.Forging Tome
No.12 “S.Forging” —–S.Forging Tome
No.13 “P.Forging” —–P.Forging Tome
No.16 “Purify” ———-Purify Tome
No.24 “Protect” ——–Protection Tome
No.26 “Absorb” ——–Absorbtion Tome
No.27 “Purse” ———Purse Fattener
No.28 “Wand” ———Wand Charger
No.32 “W.Forge+” —-W.Forging Tome+
No.33 “S.Forge+” —–S.Forging Tome+
No.34 “P.Forge+” —–P.Forging Tome +

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