Occupy Mars: The Game – How to Go Faster ATV and Save Battery on Mars

Learn how to make the most of your ATV on Mars (Occupy Mars: The Game) with this quick guide. Discover how to go faster than the standard speed and save battery with electrical tips.

Extremely Quick ATV Guide to Going Faster and Electrical Tips with It


Welcome to Mars! If you’ve found or built an ATV, this guide will show you how to go faster than the default 22 km/h on the one you find or 32 km/h on the one you craft.

Electrical Usage and Going Faster

The ATV’s electrical usage only decreases when you hold the accelerator or turn. To save battery, maintain top speed on flat terrain and glide as much as possible.

To go faster, you can use hills and slopes to gain momentum. The maximum speed for the ATV you find is 22 km/h and 32 km/h for the crafted one, but with momentum and downhill slopes, you can reach 40 or 50 km/h and even up to 90 km/h. Be careful when turning at high speeds as the ATV can flip and cause you to fall off.

Watch out for small rocks that can send you flying!


By following these tips, you can make the most of your ATV on Mars and enjoy faster speeds while conserving battery power.

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