Occupy Mars: The Game – How to Add Patches, Board Icons, and Music | Custom Guide

Looking to customize your Occupy Mars gaming experience? Learn how to add custom patches, board icons, and music to your game with our step-by-step guide. Just follow the instructions to personalize your game and make it truly your own. Be patient while loading the game after adding files, and have fun customizing!

Adding Custom Files


Please note! After adding files, starting a new game or loading a savegame might take a while. Please be patient and wait for the game to load until the Start button in the right corner appears.
For every type of customization, we will be in \Steam\steamapps\common\Occupy Mars The Game\OccupyMars_Data\StreamingAssets. There you will find the following folders:

  • Boardicons
  • Patches
  • Music

To add your own patch to your character which also shows up on the Tablet, simply go to your game folder (\Occupy Mars The Game\OccupyMars_Data\StreamingAssets\Patches). Inside this folder, you can add any icon you want as long as it has a file size of 512×512 and has the ending .png. Once done, you can go in-game, select Profile, and change the icon.


In-game, you can create signs once you have unlocked the personalization in one of the tech trees. Then, you can print them with the 3D printer. For decoration items, you need the hand drill, which can also be printed.

To customize icons, go to \Occupy Mars The Game\OccupyMars_Data\StreamingAssets\Boardicons. Put whatever picture you want as long as it’s in .png format.

To use custom boardicons, take out the hand drill, select with the mouse wheel what you want to do (for boards, choose the board), slap it where you want (only works inside), then you can edit that, choose a text, or change the icon.


Once you have unlocked the Radio in the Techtree, you can print it and place it where you want inside your base.

To add music, drop your .mp3 files in \Occupy Mars The Game\OccupyMars_Data\StreamingAssets\Music. In-game, click on the radio, and your files should show on the left side of the radio. Double-click them to add and press play to listen to your favorite music.

Please note that only .mp3 files will work, and the music will only be where the radio is located. It hasn’t been tested with multiple radios yet.

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