Nostos (VR and RPG: new released) – Panacea and Exploration – Walkthrough – Guide

You can enter Nostos by placing the selected destiny symbol in the Celestials device.

You can select two modes: Exploration and Panacea Modes.

Put in the mission, chip to start the game.

And then you can select the public and the private world.

Nostos Panacea Mode

Experienced hunter Alniyat is out exploring with her wolf Lupus. She is looking for ingredients for a prescription that, according to the Ironforge Tribe Doctor, would cure her bedridden grandmother.

Tips will support you on how to go to the main quest or mission. This mode shows you everything about the game.

Nostos Exploration Mode

Built by the early Settlers, this is a land of freedom. Every corner of the continent can be explored as long as you make sure that the Village Totem is well protected.

In this mode, you have to discover everything. The game tips will not help you contrary to Panacea Mode.

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