Nioh 2: The Complete Edition – Tips for NPC, Hidden Tea House, Scampuss, Prestige, and More

This shows tips for NPC, hidden tea house, scampuss, prestige, and more in Nioh 2: The Complete Edition.

General Tips for Nioh 2: The Complete Edition

Missions have a recommended skill level (player level) and a difficulty ranking (represented by the ‘sword icons’ on the mission tab). Leveling above what’s recommended and equipping the best gear you have available will often lower the difficulty ranking of missions.

You can see how many locks of hair, hotsprings, etc. a mission has by selecting the mission (select, don’t start!) and hitting R1/ to view the next page.

The dojo offers unique “boss fights” for some of its missions (mainly weapon and onmyo magic/ninjutsu mastery missions). Completing these missions unlocks new skills for that weapon, etc.

Exhaust NPC dialogue (speak to them until they begin to repeat). Sometimes, you will get an item in return. For example, Tokichiro will often hand over spirit stones if you speak to him enough times.

At a certain point in the game, an NPC will state how performing certain gestures at people will get different reactions (NPCs may hand over items). So, try gesturing at any NPC you find!

Scampuss (the lil’ round cat yokai) can be found hiding in multiple spots during missions. When pet, they will follow you around for a short time, giving you a buff to anima regeneration and attacking enemies on your behalf. You can have multiple of the little scamps following you at once.

Obtain prestige from titles when available! Titles are objectives you can work towards throughout the game (kill this enemy x times, deal x amount of dmg, etc.) With each title you complete, you get reputation points. Earn enough reputation to unlock a point of prestige which can be spent on buffs like increased anima charge, gold earned, etc. There are 2 pages (Agyo and Ungyo) so make sure to check both!

Don’t know what a boss/enemy is weak against? Use either corruption or purity! Corruption is useful against almost all human enemies. Purity is useful against almost all yokai

  • When you gain access to your house you can:
  • Store/remove items directly from the storehouse
  • Create equipment sets
  • Create character builds
  • Place a guardian spirit/friendly yokai as a visitor (cosmetic) – under remodel hut
  • Change your appearance (character creator and transforming into NPCs you’ve bought from the hidden teahouse)
  • View illustrations of enemies and NPCs you met, along with lore information (yokai illustrations have an extra tab that gives info on times fought, their weaknesses, etc.)

When you gain access to the hidden tea house you can:

  • Join a clan: gives a buff depending on what clan you pick.
  • Trade in glory points for items, gear, gestures, etc.
  • Glory can be earned by defeating summoned bloody grave phantoms, by helping other players via co-op, or by donating items to your clan.
  • Have your tea utensils appraised. The tea utensils can then be placed in your house for buffs to things like luck, gold drop rate/amount, or tea utensil discovery. You can also sell any unwanted utensils for a good bit of gold, or donate them to your clan for a good amount of glory.

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