Nioh 2: The Complete Edition – Summoning Guide (Ways to Get)

This shows summoning guide (ways to get) for Nioh 2: The Complete Edition.

Summoning Guide (Ways to Get)

There are two ways to get help during missions, but each method requires you to have ochoko cups.

The First Way

The First way, you can find and activate a benevolent grave (blue). There are two types of these graves, one where an NPC is summoned (their name is a aqua blue color when looking at the grave) and the other summons a NPC version of another player.

Some missions will have unique changes/events that occur when you summon an actual NPC over a player, so I recommend summoning the special NPCs when you can!

Very rarely some side missions will be locked behind whether or not you summoned a specific NPC or not. The only one I know of that’s like this is summoning Yamanaka Shikanosuke in the mission “Scattered Fragments” in order for “A Prayer in the Moonlight” to unlock.

The amount of ochoko cups required to summon a NPC depends on their level, which is stated on the grave along with the same markers used for the “difficulty” ranking of missions.

So at the lowest it would cost you a single ochoko cup, and at max you would need to spend 5 to summon a spirit.

You can only use one benevolent grave at a time. The summoned NPC player will have a bar above their name, and when it completely fills, that summon will disappear when you are not in combat. After they depart, you can use another benevolent grave to summon again.

Also, when they depart, you will receive anywhere from 1 to 3 righteous jasper.

The Second Way

The second way, you can summon is via the shrine. Offering an ochoko cup there will allow you to get aid from another player. You can offer 2 cups total, which means co-op with 2 other players.

You can use a benevolent grave while having a summoned player. So technically, you could have 3 additional helpers in a mission (2 summoned players and one NPC from a grave).

** if in a mission where you can get help from a NPC, it may be possible to have upwards of 4 or 5 helpers during a mission. (needs confirmation).


Lastly, if you want to place your own benevolent grave for other players to use, then you will need a righteous jasper. which are found as a mission reward or treasure drop.

Simply use this item, and a menu will pop up, allowing you to change the gestures the NPC version of you uses upon arrival/departure, and let you place the grave.

You can have up to three benevolent graves placed at a time (not just in one mission either, you can have 3 different graves in 3 different missions).

Benevolent spirits are not healed by shrines, so if you want NPC you to live longer, equip some onmyo healing magic before placing your grave.

If your grave was used, then the next time you visit your hut you will get rewards (glory and righteous jasper) based on how many people NPC you helped.

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