Ninja Gaiden Σ2 – Tips and Tricks (Stuff, Attack, Fight, and More)

This shows tips and tricks (stuff, attack, fight, and more) for Ninja Gaiden Σ2.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You have to have all Ninpos at level 3! Therefore it’s not possible to do this in the first run 😉
  2. Always be stuffed with “Devil Way Mushrooms” and “Talisman of Rebirth” – you never know when a Ninpo will be useful.
  3. Equip “Eclipse Scythe“! You can’t use it, because all your efforts will go to waste, but if you hit someone by mistake – there will be clearly visible blood on it.
  4. Windmill Shuriken is your best friend! You’ll have to finish practically the whole game with it, so use Ultimate Technique any time you can (very useful on werewolves).
  5. If there’s Ultimate Technique mentioned somewhere – I’m talking about lvl 2 UT, the most powerful one!
  6. When I began, I had ~150k Essence. I didn’t have to do any Test of Valor. If you think you’re low on money – take them on. Read other FAQs and decide which ones will be the easiest to do.
  7. Finish the game with a lot of money first (by Uzny).
  8. If you don’t have to fight – don’t do it; evade enemies and run to the closest save statue. It’s not always possible (like when you don’t kill all the enemies, the door won’t open and such); additionally, it can create big frame drops (by Uzny).
  9. Make some distance between you and enemies, and charge the UT (at least 1st level); best done behind a corner or wall; attack with the bow when the enemies are far from you (by Uzny).
  10. Save as often as possible.

By [FPC] Marek1712

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