Ninja Gaiden Σ2 – All Chapters Guide (Boss, Level, Battle, and More)

This shows all chapters guide (boss, level, battle, and more) for Ninja Gaiden Σ2.

All Chapters Guide

Main Guide (Chapters 01-06)

Chapter 1

– Rasetsu – lvl. 3 “Art of Inferno” used 5 times.

Chapter 2

– Rasetsu, 2nd time – if you focus yourself on Rasetsu, 5x AoI should kill him. Otherwise you’ll have to use it 6-7 times.

– Genshin – some people say you can damage him with Phoenix and Wind Blade Ninpo – I couldn’t. There’s better (and quicker) technique though: Incendiary Shurikens (I don’t know why they call them that way, as they’re rather kunai 😉 ). Anyway – normally he’ll deflect them – but you have to throw them when he’s making an attack (or finishes it): dodge the attack and throw the IS – after 15 accurate throws the fight should be over.

Chapter 3

– Train Boss – standard “in your face” tactics, using bow. Use Phoenix Ninpo to protect yourself from little bugs.

Chapter 4

– Giant – again “in your face” tactics – best done with bow. To make this possible throw ISes to make him angry (he wants to throw something at you then). When you’re far away from him – use bow’s UT to take him out. “Art of Inferno” is useful too (takes less health than in Rasetsu’s case).

– Alexei – ouch, this fight may be looong and booring. Why? Because Alexei is susceptible to two attacks: “Art of the Phoenix” and “Piercing Void”. The first one makes little damage but is very good at the close distance, the other one is great at any range and makes a lot more damage. I’ve finished him with 8x “Art of Piercing Void”. When you run out of all the Ki “flames” and Mushrooms of the Devil Way, you can use Talisman of Rebirth which replenishes the Ki bar. It’s useful because he can dodge a Ninpo by making a whirlwind – some luck will definitely be useful. Maybe it’s not the best method, but after Alexei grabs and throws you – he begins to levitate – then he’s the most vulnerable to your attacks.

Chapter 5

– Water Dragon – very easy battle. Stay on the rubble, where the “Skull Key” was placed. You can shoot him with the bow with ease – after ~25 arrows shot at him the fight should be over. You can use Ninpo too – but it’s a waste IMO. That’s because he cannot grab you on that platform – only attack with his breath and shoot spikes at you. Another method is to jump into the water right in front of the platform and attack him with the harpoon – quite arduous, but also effective (he can grab you here, though!).

Chapter 6

– Bony bird – this time “Art of Inferno” and bow (make every arrow count!). To beat him I had to use 8 Ninpos. Attack him with the arrows (its’ head to be precise, of course with UT). When you’ll have last 15 arrows start using AoI Ninpo. When he’s going to sit down – charge your bow for massive damage (of course in the head, when he’s sitting). This way it should be pretty easy 🙂

– Volf – one of the easiest battles. 5-6 “Ninpos of the Piercing Void” should do the job. Kill all those pesky warewolves and it should be over.

Main Guide (Chapter 07-13)

Chapter 7

– Genshin, 2nd time – this time he’s harder to hit, not to mention those annoying Tactical Ninjas. I recommend to get rid of them first; as they’ll spawn in three waves by three enemies – 3x “Art of Inferno” should help out. Now it’s time for your main opponent. If you don’t have maximum amount of IS and a bit of luck (again) – better give up 😉 Anyway – the only way I could hurt him was to throw IS, when he makes his combo. Dodge his attack quickly and throw IS at him (though you’ll most probably take one of Genshin’s attacks). There’s no point in making this when he’s about to make a charged attack – he’ll just deflect your IS. I killed him with ~20 IS (however – something like 5 bumped out of him).

– Armadillo – very easy fight. I haven’t tested any Ninpo but IS and bow make it quick. At the beginning use up all your IS with the “in your face” technique. When you run out of IS – attack his head with bow (UT of course). Just like in the normal fight – when he’s low on health and flips on his back – attack the head. The battle ends here. Remember to block his explosion (looks really funny – I mean blocking “big bang” with your hands xD).

Chapter 8

– Giant, 2nd time – same technique as in the first fight. After some time those stupid flying robots should appear – get rid of them using 2x “Art of Inferno”. Get back to shooting his head with your bow. This time rocket soldiers should appear. In this case use IS (2 of them per enemy). After you take them all out you can finish that giant.

– Zedonius – same as Alexei. He can put up a shield, to protect him against “Art of Piercing Void” (or simply dodge it). Sooner or later, after 9 AoPVs he should be dead.

Chapter 9

– Cave Worm – another easy enemy and again “in your face” tactics using bow. Come out of one of those little caverns and charge your bow, pointing in the wall, perpendicular to the main tunnel. Then listen which side he’s coming from. When you spot him – shoot an arrow right between his eyes and quickly hide in the cavern you came from. After ~20 arrows he should be dead. **Attention! After this boss, there should be a “Test of Valor” nearby – it’s very easy and you can get a lot of Essence there.

– Two Dragons – and another easy fight. Just like in the normal run, attack them using bow and dodge their attacks. It should be over quick.

Chapter 10

– One Dragon – just like before, only one this time. Use above methods and he’ll be dead soon.

– Elizebet – the worst fight so far. I made like 30 attempts to clear it 😐 Our adversary can be hurt with three attacks: bow (even with lvl2 UT she takes only a little damage), “Art of the Inferno” and “Art of the Flame Phoenix”. First Ninpo is quite weak and even if all your attacks are going to land on her – you’ll run out of Ki energy (even with “Talisman…” and “Mushroom…”) before her death. That’s why the only way to overcome her is AotFP. I’ll be honest – I haven’t used it until now because I didn’t know how does it work LOL. Most important thing: phoenixes fly around you as long as you don’t get hit. Therefore, after launching your Ninpo, keep as close to Elizebet as possible and dodge her attacks (L analog stick + LT) to the left and to the right. Noobish, but effective method; use it until she’s dead. If you’re lucky – you should use 4-5 flames from Ki bar.

Chapter 11

– 2x Rasetsu-like enemies – spam “Art of the Inferno” as much as you can. Tactical Ninjas will add some difficulty, but after 6 Ninpos everyone should be dead.

– Genshin, 3rd time – he’s even more difficult to hit than in the 7th chapter. Same as before – throw ISes, when he’s about to finish his attack. If you have defeated him two times before, you shouldn’t have any problems with timing. After ~15 accurate IS it should be over.

Chapter 12

– Armadillo x2 – another easy fight. Focus on one of the enemies and kill him like the one from Chapter 7. After ~10 Incendiary Shurikens he will explode. Finish the other one the same way. A lot of colorful explosions and shaking the screen makes it a little more difficult but it’s nothing for one who came this far 😛

– Zedonius, 2nd time – IT’S IMPORTANT, no to use any Ninpo on those minions near the last save. Just run away from them and jump down to the arena, where main event is going to begin. “Art of the Piercing Void” used nine times should annihilate him. This time he can block your attacks too. The best moment to attack him is when he stands on the ground and tries to hit you, shoots fireballs or readies “pillar of flame”. If you run out of Ninpo you can use another method – bow. In this case run to any distant “island” and attack him. Another very long way of taking a boss, but at least you won’t run out of arrows (there’s a dead body with the arrows laying on the ground).

– Volf, 2nd time – I had to use 10 “Art of Inferno” Ninpos, because of his centaurs. The battle, as a whole, isn’t very different from the one in the colosseum. Just attack until he dies.

Chapter 13

Just continue using projectiles/Ninpos until you get to the first save. When you get to that room, clear it of those bony scorpions and get back to the main corridor. Kill all the undead ninjas and get back to the save statue and save the progress.

Unfortunately – it’s the end of that walkthrough as I don’t know any way (probably there isn’t any) to get past the cocoons without any primary weapon. Still – it should be faster to get there using only secondary weapons, than finishing it eight times 😉 It took me ~10hrs, so it’s not that bad; I can finally use normal weapons (throwing a WS throughout the game made me sick 😛 ).

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