Night of the Dead – How to Make a Bow

A guide on how to make a bow in Night of the Dead.

How to Make Bow?


You need to build stair, floor, foundation (recommended).

Also, you need to buid workbench in “Equipment”.

How to Build Stair, Floor and Foundaditon?


  • Rope (5)
  • Lumber (1)
  • Wooden Plank (2)

Rope can be found on bushes.

Log can be found on trees, lumber too.


  • Vine (2)
  • Log (3)


  • Log (2)
  • Vine (2)

How to Build Workbench?

  • Tree Branch (10)
  • Small Stones (5)
  • Piece of Iron (10)
  • Log (2)

Irons can be found on the road, especially breaking box and cars.

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