Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl – Controls Guide (How to Play)

This guide shows PC controls (how to play) of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

Controls Guide (How to Play)

Push the Left Stick left and right to run. Hold F to not turn around.

Press [ ] to do a hop. Hold to jump higher. Press again in the air to double jump.

Press Z for quick attacks. Hold up or down to get alternate attacks.

Press X for powerful attacks. Hold up or down to get alternate attacks.

Get a running start and press Z or X for a running attack. On a hit, other attacks can be done immediately.

Strong attacks beat each other, like rock-paper-scissors. Up beats down. Down beats mid. Mid beats up.

Hold C on the ground to block. Attacks will only push you. Don’t get pushed off the edge!

Time your block, and hold Left Stick against incoming attacks to slide less. Try for a perfect block!

Hold A direction in the air and press C to perform an air dash. You can only air dash once after leaving the ground.

Grab the ledge of a stage to get back on top.

Press C and Z together to perform a grab. Throw with Z. You can grab anything!

When holding something, you cannot double jump.

If you are grabbed, mash all the buttons you can to escape!

Press S to perform unique special moves. Hold up and down to get different specials. Every brawler is different!

Damage makes you fly further. Flypast the edge of the screen and you’ll get KOd.

Knocked offstage? Use jumps, air dashes, and special moves to reach the ledge.

Projectiles can be sent back with strong attacks. Up and down strong attacks send projectiles at an angle.

When sent flying, press C just before hitting a wall or the ground to tech. Hold left or right to perform a tech roll.

Press T on the ground to prematurely celebrate your victory.

With Critical KOs enabled, hit a high damage player with a strong attack to instantly KO them.

In Stock Battle, you have a limited amount of lives. KO other players to be the last one standing!

In Timed Battle, you have to KO the most opponents before time runs out!

In Sports Battle, you have to get the ball into the opposing teams’ goal. The team with the highest score wins!

With friendly fire set to OFF, players on the same team will not damage each other.

The soccer ball can only be hit around. You can’t grab it!

The Tommy ball is worth 3 points if it lands in the goal from a faraway distance.

The football can only be grabbed and thrown. You can’t hit it!

The yarn ball can be used as an attack when thrown. Watch out!

Plankton balls are very heavy.

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