NGU INDUSTRIES – Factory and Research View Guide

This guide will help you on factory and research in NGU INDUSTRIES.

Factory and Research View Guide

Sidebar Menu Options


The Factory View shows the Building Panel and the Map of the current world. Arrows at the top of the Building Panel allow you to swap Maps. The first set of buttons allow you to filter which buildings show in the list: All Buildings, All Beacons, All Units, Favorites, Active Buildings, and Labs.

The body of the Building Panel lists unlocked buildings that you can place on the Map. There are buttons above it to clear the Map, change screens when more than 24 buildings are unlocked, and change the building readout to show: Count, Gain/Loss, Count+Gain/Loss, Count+Gain/Loss for the current Map only, and a toggle for different time lengths the Gain/Loss are over (from 1 second to 1 day). Below the building list are the Blueprint Save/Load buttons, these unlock as you clear 25%/50%/75% of the blocked tiles with extras available in the Sellout Shop.

The Map displays the tiles in the current world. So far there are 4 worlds: Tutorial Island, Flesh World, Planet Tronne, and Candy Land. Many tiles start off blocked, to unlock them you need to pay the price displayed on mouseover. Tutorial Island has a total of 119 tiles, Flesh World has 226, Planet Tronne has 245.


The Research View allows you to use Juice to purchase bonuses. These include building production boosts and unlocking features like higher tier buildings, new features, and more maps. There are 4 tiers for each of the existing maps and the bonuses will require different Juices across a variety of building and map tiers.

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