New World – Where to Get Fibers

A guide on where to get fibers in New World.

Where to Get Fibers

Fibers The fibers are obtained by mowing hemp. The hemp plant is tall and hard to miss. Given that it loves to grow in open fields or meadows. The pink-red flowers above are especially good reference points when searching. To harvest fibers first you’ll need a sickle, which you’ll literally make at level 1 in the starting camp.

Fiber becomes fabric

These fibers are used to create various types of fabric and cloth. In any settlement there is a loom, with which you can create fabric, e.g. (Linen). One unit of (linen) requires 4 units of fiber. Good armor or clothing can be sew from this fabric. But keep in mind that the higher the level of the item you want to sew, the more fabric and fibers will be required. For example, to create Sateen we already need 4 units of Linen and accordingly 16 units of Fibers, so never pass by the bush that says Hemp. Also fibers required to complete some tasks from the city board, and if you have enough of it, then this is a quick way to earn some experience points.

Where is Hemp once again?

Hemp quite common in the gaming world. It is present at once in three starting locations out of four: First LightWindsward and Monarch’s Bluffs. But do not count on small clusters of Hemp near the settlements themselves. In the first days, and perhaps even weeks, of the game’s release, there will be too many players in the starting cities, so all the plants in the immediate vicinity will be quickly collected. Of course, you can run through all the points, but it is better to do it at night or early in the morning, while there’s no competition between players to collect Hemp. Pay more attention on your special points with Hemp, which are a little further from the settlements. But do not forget that you can also find fibers on the market in the city. And don’t forget to craft Worn Traveler’s Satchel ASAP.

Respawn (Cooldown) time for Hemp is random, in a range:

  • From 8 minutes to 12m for small one, while extraction will take 35s
  • From 11m to 15m for medium field, spending 45s on it
  • From 12m to 17m after harvesting large one and it will take 70s

For mowing you will also get harvesting XP and char XP:

  • 90XP and 20 char exp for small bush of Hemp
  • 135XP and 25exp for medium bush
  • 179XP and 30exp for the biggest Hemp

Also, keep in mind that the numbers above is the base ones, they will change in-game based on your trading skills level. You will get more XP and gathering will take less time with a more advanced level.

Here is a map to help you found fiber easily! This is also presented for all resources in DB so don’t forget to checkout our extensive New World database with all items existing in a game at that moment.


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