New World – Ultimate Guide to Sword and Shield

This ultimate guide helps you on sword and shield in New World.

Ultimate Guide to Sword and Shield

A Sword is a standard weapon you appear within New World. And a Shield that goes great with a Sword, is immediately given to you. A Sword lets you perform offensive attacks in the form of strikes along the arc or lunges, and a Shield provides you with a maximum defense. Depending on the type of attack: an easy strike, a finishing attack, a heavy hit, or a charged attack, damage to the enemy varies too. Easy attacks are quicker and cause 100% of weapon damage. Finishing attacks cause 105% weapon damage. Heavy attacks are slow, but deal 120% weapon damage. And a heavily loaded attack deals 160% of damage.

The Sword and Shield type when it appears in New world

Both Sword and Shield have 3 signature moves that transform the standard weapon, at the first glance, into the world domination tool. There are two separate branches for Sword and Shield in New World: The Swordmaster and the Defender. Some skills for the Shield refer to tank abilities, that is why both Sword and Shield suit for a tank in raids. The damage caused by Sword and Shield depends on your strength and agility.

The ability tree for Sword and Shield. Key abilities in branches Swordmaster and Defender


The Branch Swordmaster includes 3 abilities: Reverse Stab, Whirling Blade and Leaping Strike, each of them may be improved twice. There are also some extra passive abilities that increase sword damage, mobility after the strikes, resistance, and a slowing down of the enemy after the strike. Also, there is a key passive ability Leadership which increases the damage for 10% of all the group members, who have a sword in their hands.

Reverse Stab

Reverse Stab is a powerful reverse hit, which deals 175% of weapon damage. The next improvement adds resistance, which reduces the chance of interrupting an attack Reverse Stab. The last improvement Reverse Stab, when used successfully, reduces the recharge of all sword abilities by 25%.

Whirling Blade

Whirling Blade deals 145% damage with a weapon to all enemies within a radius of 2 meters. The first upgrade reduces the target’s armor by 5% and 10 seconds, and the second one reduces the time of the abilities’ recovery by 10% for every defeated enemy.

Leaping Strike

Leaping Strike allows you to jump 6 meters and to cause 135% of the weapon damage. Along with the previous abilities, it may be improved twice. The first upgrade permits you to cause 50% damage more if you strike the enemy with a health level of less than 30%. The second upgrade reduces the enemy’s speed of movement by 8 seconds if the Leaping Strike attack went into the back.


The branch Defender improves various skills of your Shield. Three active abilities of this branch are Shield Bash, Shield Rush, and Defiant Stance. Also, there are other options of your Shield that may protect you from witchcraft, increase the index of your armor, blocking and force. There is also a key passive ability Defensive Formation, which can reduce damage to all the enemies within a radius of 2 meters when blocking a strike.

Shield Bash

Shield Bash causes 50% of weapon damage and stun enemies in front of you for 2 seconds. Any type of attack removes a stunning. Moreover, there is a compatibility with gemstones. If the necessary gemstone is inserted into the Sword, this ability will force everyone to attack only you for 6 seconds. During the first upgrade, abilities of Shield Bash increase a risk significantly, and it gives you 100% more damage. The second upgrade increases the duration of the stun by 1 second.

Shield Rush

Shield Rush looks like a throw forward for 5 meters, during which it throws away an enemy and deals 125% weapon damage. This ability can be also improved twice, the first improvement reduces damage by 10% for 4 seconds of all the affected enemies within 5 meters. The second improvement reduces the movement speed of the affected enemies by 30% for 4 seconds.

Defiant Stance

Defiant Stance for 8 seconds reduces by 30% base damage received from the attackers. Along with the first ability, this one has compatibility with gemstones. If you have the necessary gemstone inserted into the Sword, this ability provokes enemies to attack you within 8 meters. The first upgrade increases damage by 20% if your health level is more than 50%. The second upgrade provides you with 15% of the maximum health reserve when Defiant Stance will end.

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