New World Preview – How to Fix Errors (Easy Anti-Cheat, Latency- Graphics Issues and More)

I am encountering game errors (easy anti-cheat, black screen, latency- graphics issues and more) when starting New World Preview, what can I do?

How to Fix Errors When Starting Game

Launching Game

There are a few different solutions that have worked for users with errors on launching the game:

  • Run a Steam Integrity Check for New World
  • Uninstall and Reinstall New World
  • Reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat
  • Make sure your Windows install is fully up to date
  • Make sure you are not running a beta version of Windows via the Insider Program for Windows 10

Not Installed Easy Anti-Cheat or Find It?

Go to here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\New World Public Test\EasyAntiCheat

Graphic Issue?

 graphical issues, what should I do?

Make sure your graphics drivers are completely up to date. If the issue persists, try to use the Steam Integrity Check on your install.

Black Screen?

I select my character and click Play but only get a black screen and then disconnected. This worked before but not now. Why?

We are still working to figure this one out, but right now it seems the best resolution is to delete that character and start again. Sadly, we can’t recover characters at this time.

Latency Issues?

Try performing some connectivity maintenance such as flushing your DNS and resetting your router. Also, make sure that you do not have other things running in the background that can be taking up bandwidth. It is possible that, based on where you are located, there may be some latency because of distance from the server, hops taken to reach the server, or connectivity issues based on service providers.

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