New World Preview – Hatchet and Musket Guide

This guide will help you on musket and hatchet in New World Preview.



Sharpshooter (10 points)

Q skill:

  • Shooter’s stance (25 seconds cooldown): player enters a shooting aim stance to enhance shooting performance. Mobility is reduced to zero and the aim area reduced to 90 degrees. While in stance accuracy is increased by 10% and reload time is reduced by 50%. Mode will exit after three shots.
  • Shoot more: shots fired before exiting stance increased to five.r skill
  • Play dead (60 seconds cooldown): player can enter a state mimicking death to dump aggro and fake out enemies. Player name plate will be disabled entering this state.
  • Play action: shoot out of play dead, switch weapons, and place traps while in play dead. Must have traps ability to place traps. Press “t” button to set trap while playing dead.
  • Play reset: all cooldowns reset after play dead. Passives
  • Snipe: add 1.5x zoom to all musket aim shots. Use mouse wheel up and down to zoom in and out while aiming.
  • Head shot: increase headshot damage by 10%.
  • Greater accuracy: increase accuracy of all musket shots.
  • Armor piercing: increase armor penetration of musket damage by 5%.
  • Leg shot: any leg hit slows target by 30% for 2 second.

Trapper (10 points)

F skill:

  • Traps (25 seconds cooldown): sets a trap that immobilizes targets for 5 seconds. Target must move within the trap area to trigger. Traps despawn after 30 seconds.
  • Trapped damage: increases damage to trapped targets by 20%.
  • Double trap: ability to have two active traps.
  • Throwable trap: ability to throw traps.


  • Beast damage: Increase musket damages by 20% vs beasts.
  • Weakened shield: Increases the amount of defense meter damage an enemy takes while blocking by 25%.
  • Damage resist: Reduce damage taken by 10%.
  • Slow resist: Reduces slowing effect durations on you by 20%.
  • First blood: Increase dmg by 25% on targets with full health.
  • Sacrifice: Ability to activate a bomb when at death’s door. Press any attack button to activate.


Berserk (12 points)

Q skill:

  • Berserk (45 seconds cooldown): Triggers a berserk mode that increased attack damage by 10% for every hit received. Berserk mode will be active for 15 seconds.
  • Berserking speed: Increases sprint speed by 20% while in berserk mode.
  • Berserking refresh: Decreases all cooldowns except berserk by 10% for each hit received while in berserk mode.
  • Berserking endurance: Kills while in berserk extends the length of berserk mode by 3 seconds.
  • Immortal berserk: player cannot die while in berserk mode.

F skill:

  • Purge (20 seconds cooldown): Removes all debuffs and provides 5 seconds of immunity.
  • Purged recovery: Each debuff purged will restore 15% of your maximum health.


  • Cull the weak: Increase damage of light attack by 30% against targets lower than 30% health.
  • Relentless fury: Damage is increased by 10% for each successful consecutive light attack.
  • Rejuvenating kills: Hatchet kills restore 20% of your maximum health.
  • Iron splitter: Heavy attack’s armor penetration is increased by 20%.
  • Desperate refresh: All ability cool downs are reduced by 20% when health is below 40%.

Throwing (8 points)

R skill:

  • Aimed throw (7 seconds cooldown): An axe attack that activates aim mode for highly accurate throws.
  • On fire: Increase damage by 25% for every third throwing attack that hits an enemy.
  • Refreshing headshot: Successful head shots from throwing abilities reduces active cool downs by 20%.
  • Focused aim: Increases the damage of a throw by 20% if in aim mode longer than 3 seconds.
  • Double throw: Increased the number of throws before exiting aim mode to two.
  • Triple throw: Increased the number of throws before exiting aim mode to three.


  • Critical throw: Allows all throws the ability to make a critical hit.
  • Blood lust: Increase damage by 20% for 10 seconds after a kill.


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