New World – Powder Kegs Side Story Quest Walkthrough

Quests in New World are given by Npcs or obtained through exploration of certain locations. You can gain experience points as well as rewards via completing quest. Side quests, also, can be found throughout most settlements in the world, and often out in the wilderness also. Available side quests are represent by the yellow square marker on your map.

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There are two type of Quests which are Main Story Quests and Side Stories Quest. This guide will give you Powder Kegs Side Story Quest guide and walkthrough.

Powder Kegs Side Story Quest

Task Information

  • Level 11
  • Reduce the number of Harvestbane Withered in Dayspring Mills, and recover the stored gunpowder.
  • Talk to Survivalist Riches in the First Light Settlement when your task is done.

Quest Walkthrough

First find the Albert Riches NPC (click to see) NPC in the First Light and accept the mission. Then go to the place shown on the map. After travel to Dayspring Mills, you have to find collect 6 Gunpowder Cask. When you complete the quest, turn back Albert Riches NPC to get your rewards.


  • First Light

Start NPC

  • Albert Riches


  • Albert Riches


  • XP: 650
  • Gold: 70.0
  • Territory Standing: 250
  • Azoth: 0

This is the end for New World Powder Kegs Side Story Quest Walkthrough. Please comment us if there is wrong or information that can help us.

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