New World – Of the Heart Side Story Quest Walkthrough

Quests in New World are given by Npcs or obtained through exploration of certain Locations. You can gain experience points as well as rewards via completing quests. Also completing Quests will allow you to level up and grow stronger. So you can improve your gear and gold with some sort of equipment type.

There are two type of Quests which are Main Story Quests and Side Stories Quest. This guide will give you Of the Heart Side Story Quest guide and walkthrough.

Of the Heart Side Story Quest

Task Information

  • Investigate Stoneview Seabreak and search for any personal items Watcher Fayed may have lost there.

Quest Walkthrough

First go to Stoneview Seabreak, located at 9929 4532 in Windsward City. There are many Starstream Enforger. Kill them all and loot until quest is completed. Note that enemies that you have to kill are 23 levels.


  • Windsward

Start NPC

  • Deepti Korrapati


  • Tahir Fayed


  • XP1,480 XP
  • Coin94.50 Coin
  • Standing250 Windsward Standing
  • Azoth20 Azoth

A Video Guide

There is a video guide that is found on YouTube. You can also watch the video and follow the walkthroughs to complete the side quest.

This is the end for Of the Heart Side Story Quest Walkthrough. Please comment us if there is wrong or information that can help us.

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