New World – How to Locate Petalcap в (on Map)

A guide on how to locate Petalcap в (on map) in New World.

How to Locate Petalcap в (on Map)

Fronded Petalcap – it is a magical mushroom with large petals, which at first was only needed as an ingredient for Alchemy. But in the open beta, this mushroom was added into Azoth Staff (Azoth Staff), This caused such an agiotage around it. Without the staff of Azoth, you cannot close the rift or portal. The mushroom itself stands out for its unusual petals and long stem. It can be detected by the sparks that emanate from the stem of the flower.

Screenshot of Fronded Petalcap in New World

Where to found Fronded Petalcap

It’s not so easy to found Fronded Petalcap. But only until you don’t know where to look for it. Actually it is well distributed in the Windsward and in the north First Light. The most optimal way to collect will be a small trip along the very border of these game zones. And the pulp of the petals that you collect from the mushroom is Petalcap.

But remember that to harvest this mushroom you will need level 30 harvesting skill. Every player will face the search of this mushroom. When it’s pulp became required for the task, it started to appear at the market. The price was in the region of 20-30 gold coins per unit (with much higher spikes over 100 around all server), but this did not prevent the players from actively buying everything. Speculation could be used for your good, keep it in mind!

Respawn (Cooldown) time for Hemp is random

But within a range:

From 15 minutes to 30m, while extraction will take 12s

For mowing you will also get harvesting XP and char XP:

46XP and 5 char exp for small seeping stone

Here is a map to help you found petalcap easily! This is also presented for all resources in DB so don’t forget to checkout our extensive New World database with all items existing in a game at that moment.

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