Necromunda: Underhive Wars – Guide to Chapters (Walkthrough)

A guide to chapters (walkthrough) in Necromunda: Underhive Wars.

Guide to the Underhive (Chapters Walkthrough)

The goal is to make this a one stop shop for information on Necromunda Underhive Wars!

This will be a work in progress over the next several weeks so please comment and provide feedback.

Note: This guide will contain substantial video elements as I am trying to grow my YouTube channel. I will provide some written commentary but please expect a heavy does of videos! Appreciate your support by subscribing if you find the content helpful.

Houses and Gangs of Necromunda

There are technically seven criminal houses of Necromunda:

Currently playable:

  • House Escher
  • House Goliath
  • House Orlock

Not currently playable:

  • House Delaque
  • House Van Saar
  • House Cawdor
  • House Aranthus (Fallen House)

For more information on each house, check out this video where I provide a bit more around the lore and historical relationships between the houses!

Fighter Classes, Traits, Skills and More!

This section is all about fighters and how to gear and level them up!


  • Brawler class is a melee combat focused expert.
  • Role: Melee-focused combatant
  • Default weapon: Massive axe
  • Signature Skill: Death from Above – 30 AP; jumps from an elevated height and crashes down on opponents; causes stun effect; can be a little wonky since the command might no longer be there on your next turn
  • Career Perk 1: Armguards – 45% protection against all damage to both arms
  • Career Perk 2: Vigilant – -5 AP cost for ambush (the melee-version of overwatch)
  • Deadeye class is a ranged focused class and plays the role of a sniper.
  • Role: Sniper
  • Default weapon: Lasgun
  • Signature Skill: Ascension – 15 AP; uses the grapnel to reach higher areas on the battlefield; does not trigger ambush or overwatch.
  • Career Skill 1: Grapnel Armor – +65% protection against all damage to the left arm.
  • Career Skill 2: Mono-sight: -5 AP cost for overwatch.
  • Heavy class is ranged fire support and can blow up barricades.
  • Role: Fire support and barricade destruction
  • Default weapon: Autocannon
  • Signature Skill: Heavy Barrage – 30 AP; an overwatch-type skill where you lay down fire on all enemies that move for three meters within the affected zone
  • Career Perk 1: Heavy Ordnance – +200% damage vs. destructible elements (i.e., barricades)
  • Career Perk 2: Weapons Expert – -5 AP cost for Field Repair (fixes jammed weapons)
  • Lay-Mechanic class is a support and can construct barricades and other helpful items.
  • Role: Utility support and constructor
  • Default weapon: Rivet Cannon
  • Signature Skill: Tinker – 10 AP; repair health dispensers and ziplines; permanently shut down sabotaged control stations
  • Career Perk 1: Servo-Arm – +45% protection against all damage to the left arm
  • Career Perk 2: Strongarm – -5 AP cost for disengage
  • Saboteur class focuses on using flamers, laying traps and sabotaging ziplines and elevators.
  • Role: Sabotages environment and lays traps
  • Default weapon: Dual Flamers
  • Signature Skill: Sabotage – 10 AP; can disable ziplines and health dispensers; can rig a control station to create a hazard zone/trap
  • Career Perk 1: Explosive Bracing – +10% protection against impact damage to the torso, arms, and legs
  • Career Perk 2: Carrier – -5 AP cost for carrying objects


When you create a new fighter you can select traits from each major group.

There are three major groups: PhysicalMental, and Martial each has multiple options within them that will impact your fighter and ultimately your play style with that fighter.


A) Resilient provides +3 toughness/max toughness
B) Athletic provides +3 strength/max strength
C) Healthy provides +1 agility/max agility, +1 strength/max strength, and +1 toughness/max toughness
D) Agile provides +3 agility/max agility


A) Clever provides +3 intelligence/max intelligence
B) Curious provides +1 willpower/max willpower, +1 intelligence/max intelligence, +1 alertness/max alertness
C) Observant provides +3 alertness/max alertness
D) Stoic provides +3 willpower/max willpower


  • A) Calculated provides +3 accuracy/max accuracy
  • B) Disciplined provides +3 melee prowess/max melee prowess
  • C) Focused provides +3 ranged aptitude/max ranged aptitude
  • D) Protean provides +1 melee prowess/max melee prowess, +1 ranged aptitude/max ranged aptitude, +1 accuracy/max accuracy

As you can see each trait helps focus the fighter in different directions. For example, if you choose the Brawler class you’ll want to focus on melee combat and select athletic or resilient and observant and disciplined. Alternatively, if you select Deadeye you’ll want to focus on ranged combat and pick agile or resilient and clever and focused.

Story Line Campaign [SPOILER ALERT]

I highly recommend you start your Necromunda experience by playing through the story line campaign which will teach you the basics. The story is written by a gaming and Warhammer author, Andy Chambers and follows three gang leaders from each respective house available to play at launch.

WARNING: The following includes SPOILERS to the main story line!

Chapter 1 Hive Quake

In the first mission, we take control of two Escher fighters, Kyra (Saboteur) and Vex (Heavy) who are on their way to meet their gang leader Tessera (Deadeye). This mission shows us the introductory controls and movement and allows us to get our hands dirty by taking on two enemies.

Chapter 2 The Secret

In the second mission, Tessera and her gang are ambushed by Orlocks for some unknown reason. This mission allows us to take on the maximum of 5 gangers with different classes and a few new abilities. Be sure to use your Grapnel skill on Tessera to hook up to the enemies!

Chapter 3 A Dependable Agent

In the third mission we need to fortify our position against incoming Goliath gangers and lay traps and fortifications. Once we clear out the Goliath, we’re able to meet with DeVos who can guide us into the Underhive towards ArcheoTech, very valuable technology.

Chapter 4 Rowdy Bois

The fourth mission allows us to take control of a Goliath gang where we attack the Escher taking our revenge. In the attack we find DeVos who tells of of Tess’s plan and provides us info on a way to catch up to her.

Chapter 5 All Aboard

The only way to catch up to Tess and her Escher is to take a train straight into the depths of the Underhive. To do so, we have to prove our worth in the Arena!

Chapter 6 Into the Fire

The sixth mission we’re back to playing as the Tess and her Escher and take on two rival gangs in order to establish a new Hideout in the Underhive.

Chapter 7 Black Ash

In the seventh chapter we play as the Orlocks with Flynt as their leader. He’s hot on Tess’s trail and is forced to play DeVos’s game to learn where Tess is headed.

Chapter 8 Hot Rod

In the eight mission DeVos refuses to tell us where Tess is headed unless we steal several fuel rods for DeVos. We steal those rods but learn where Tess is heading… and how to get there in the process!

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