Necromunda: Underhive Wars – Best Melee Guide

This guide will show best melee options in Necromunda: Underhive Wars.

Best Melee Guide

2H Melee and 1H+1H Melee is just objectively the two best positions in the game.

With 2H Melee, you will 2-3 (rarely, 4) hit every Ganger in the game regardless of armour or stats. If you don’t outright slaughter them in a single turn, then they have to deal with being tied up in melee. Which as you know they must disengage and run. Not only that, but 2H melee has the high stun chance trait (Lets be honest, its a 100% chance. I have not seen it fail to activate). With both of these together, 2H melee is unstoppable. And the defender is basically left with not enough AP to do anything meaningful.

1H+1H works the same in principle, but has an absurd amount of attacks and if you use weapons that proc bleeding status, you basically can combo a dude and run to the next because bleeding will just shred people like cheddar cheese. Especially if dual wielding.

This mostly boils down to two problems in my opinion. Gangers just have too much AP and ESPECIALLY too much MP. The game is clearly designed around movement/environmental play. They clearly intended people to run out melee attackers to open them up for friendly barrages… Too bad every ganger has the speed of Hussein Bolt and the Flash combined.

by Armoured Trooper VOTOM

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