Necromunda Hired Gun – How to Skip Intro, Loading Screen, Credits

This guide helps you on how to skip the introduction, credits, loading screens, and movies in Necromunda Hired Gun. You just need to do it now, please follow the instructions.

How to Skip Intro, Credits, and Movies

Skipping intro and credits in the game, you need to find movies folder in your Necromunda Hired Gun.

Make sure Necromunda Hired Gun is installed and not running.

In your Steam Game Library, find Necromunda Hired Gun.

Right click it and click Properties.

Click the Local files tab.

Click the “Browse local files…” button to open up the game folder.

Delete all files (intro movies, cybermovies, and more) in the following route:

  • C:\Steam\Common\Games\Necromunda Hired Gun\Necromunda\Content\Movies
skip intro

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