NBA 2K22 – All Active Locker Codes (November 2021)

This shows all active locker codes for NBA 2K22 (November 2021).

All Active Locker Codes (November 2021)

Codes that are listed below will generally give you a chance at receiving one of the reward items from the list.

Let us know in the comments below what works and what doesn’t work so we can keep it constantly updated!

NBA 2K22 Locker Codes (Working)

These are all of the currently active codes you can redeem for rewards in-game:

  • NOV-PLAYER-BANNER—Redeem for a Banner (NEW)
  • NBA-PRIMETIME-3-MASHBURN—Redeem for a NBA Primetime III, NBA Series Pelicans Pack or Gold Show Pack. (NEW)
  • PRIMETIME-PETE-MARAVICH-MytEAM—Redeem code for NBA Primetime II Pack, Tight Handles Badge Pack or Shoe Award Pack

NBA 2K22 Locker Codes (Expired)

Here’s a list of NBA 2k21 codes that have expired and are no longer working.

  • REC-BANNER-2K22 – Player Banner (Expires Oct. 18) [Some players are reporting issues with this code]
  • FLASH-2-PACKS-IN-MYTEAM – Flash 2 Pack, Nike Gold Shoe Pack or 2 tokens.)
  • DOUBLEXP-BANNERS-ANDMORE – 3 Banners, 30 minute 2XP Coin, New Player Indicator, New Perfect Green Release Animation (Expires Sep. 21)
  • FLASH-PACKS-IN-MYTEAM-2K22 – Flash Pack, Gold New Balance Kawhi Shoe Base Pack, Gold Adidas D-Rose 11 Shoe Base Pack or 2 Tokens (Expires Sep. 24)
  • GET-READY-FOR-PRIMETIME – Jordan Shoe Pack, Adidas Shoe Pack, Badge Pack, Gold Shoe Boost Pack or Token (Expires Sep. 21)
  • HAPPY-NEXTGEN-2KDAY-22—Redeem for Three Banners, 30 minutes of two-XP Coin, a New Player Indicator, New Perfect Green Release Animation.
  • 2KDAY-IN-MYTEAM—Redeem for +4 Driving Dunk Card, a Diamond Shoe, a Free Agent Lebron, a Free Agent Russell Westbrook and a Free Agent Zach Lavine.

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